Deep Sleep happens when your brain is in Theta and Delta Brain Waves

Cure your Anxiety, Sleep Better, Achieve Meditative States and spend more time in the restorative Deep Sleep State!

Just Playing The Harmonize Your Vibration Mp3 Will Do That, You Don't Even Have To Pay Attention!

From: sophie benshitta maven
Date: Monday, May 27, 2019

So here you are...

You can own the most advanced, most powerful, most versatile audio in human history

How does this work?

The audio harmonizes your brain waves to the pulse of the Universe, to the Omm of the Silent Music. That is the frequency of the Deep Sleep.

The audio broadcasts wholeness, thus you are causing your brain waves to harmonize with wholeness. Entering theta brain wave state causes your anxiety to diminish, your persistent thinking to stop... and altogether have a better life. I play it on Windows Media Player in my office, it is set to "loop".. It plays through the night, while I sleep. I have been sleeping better... Much much better.

By the way, the audio is 7 minutes long, so you need to set it to repeat, or loop to play all night.

How can you get this amazing audio?

Start with a 10-day trial, and then pay in two payments... to own the most powerful audio ever created.

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