This audio helps you tell yourself apart from the mind, the emotions, and the body... It helps you enter the Observer position!

Handle your Anxiety and Pain differently, Sleep Better, Achieve Meditative States!

Just Play Your Avatar State Audio, or The Harmonize Your Vibration Mp3!

From: Sophie Benshitta Mavensophie benshitta maven
Date: Monday, July 6, 2020

So here you are...

You already own*** the most advanced, most powerful, most versatile audio in human history

You own the most advanced, highest energy audio known to man. But unless you play it, it won't do anything for you.

No matter which version you bought, the basis of all Avatar State Activators is the Harmonizer...


Wondering how you will play it 24/7? If you play it on your computer, you have to think about turning it on every time you restart your computer! Or if you play it on an mp3 player, then you need to have a speaker... and you may need a lot of batteries.

The solution is this mp3 player speaker that can be plugged into the house current, and its audio quality is fantastic.

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Also, for a limited time only, Shipping and a blank microchip with an adapter is included.

Please send me a donation of $5 if you need ME to put the audio on your chip. Otherwise use your downloaded audio and put it on the chip yourself. Not as simple as it sounds...

The best deal in town. For a limited time only... ***If you don't own the Harmonizer, or any of the audios, one of these will be included with your purchase.

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