My testing lab: intermittent fasting, weight loss, hair regrown, etc.

Update June 2017

I have a hunch that it was more that mineral supplement I took for a while...

Why? because all my hair grew back, and it is darker than it was five years ago.

What may be the secret? Tin.

I now use two multi-trace-mineral supplements, and I have also bought a tin-cup, to make sure that I have the essential mineral supplement, Tin, (Sn, stannum) in my system.

You cannot test if you are tin-deficient, but I can... I muscle test you. Email me if you need me to test you... Many people are tin deficient.

One other tin-deficiency symptom is hard of hearing...

OK, here is the original article: Yesterday I lead a webinar, and I showed myself on the webcam and noticed that the huge bald spot, the size of my hand, almost entirely disappeared, there is maybe a little thinning in the front.

What did I do?

The most important thing I did is follow the GAPS diet. Take Probiotic Adantage Extra Strength, 10 billion live bacteria, and take a supplement called Omega Defense. I eat fermented vegetables.

I did not change anything else.

Of course I am doing the energies, but that is not new. Although it is possible that the Avatar State audios are partially responsible.

If you have thinning hair, or baldness, especially if you are a woman, get in touch with me, let's do some more experiments. OK?

PS: I also want you to visit my 100souprecipes blog...

Some of my favorite soups are already there, some in Hungarian, sorry...

PPS: I started intermittent fasting around March 22, that was about 2 weeks ago. I have dropped six pounds.

I eat between 2 pm and 7 pm only. The past two days I couldn't even finish a normal size meal. The hardest time is between 10 and and noon. I'd love to make this a permanent way of living, except push up the 2 pm to maybe 3, and then 4 and then 5 pm...

I pretty much haven't been grazing, though I have removed food that is suitable for grazing, nuts and other snacks.

Why am I doing it? I like to be in control, and with regards to eating, I have been out of control all my life.

I have spoiled countless recordings because in the middle of speaking I started to eat something, unconsciously. lol, not funny.

3 thoughts on “My testing lab: intermittent fasting, weight loss, hair regrown, etc.”

  1. Your results are interesting. Intermittent fasting is catching on for those in the know. I heard about it from Dr. Mercola. Interesting too is that there is little agenda or product associated with it (although I am sure several will create a way to make money with it).

    Experts in the natural health field also advise that true health begins in the colon.

  2. Hello there!
    I am interested in intermittent fasting but having suffered from thinning hair/hair loss for 3+ years I am concerned it may place too much stress on my body. From my brief research on the internet there doesn’t seem to be any empirical studies on the effects of such fasting on a woman’s endocrine system particularly for those already suffering from hair loss. I understand that male lab rats have had a different response under the stresses of fasting compared to the females and this in itself makes me wary of starting such a regime. I’m not over weight but had hoped to use fasting as a way of improving my overall health and wellbeing.
    I wondered whether you had any specific articles/studies specifically in this area.
    Kind regards

    1. Dear “hello there”

      I have read the book I mention in the article. I don’t see what’s connection between thinning hair and intermittent fasting.

      I have regrown my thinning hair by adhering to the GAPS diet, not with intermittent fasting. Sorry I can’t help.

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