Energetic liver cleanse or liver flush

liver_cleanse_digestive-systemI believe that energies don't actually heal, even healing energies don't heal.

But they do something that few other modalities do: they restore circulation, gently, without side effects.

Liver congestion, liver malfunctioning, toxic liver, gall stones are all results of blockage in the flow of "stuff" going through the process in the liver to detoxify the body in the process.

And the gently energetic push, the gentle acceleration caused by the introduction of Source energy, this flow is started again, and with repeated application, restored to healthy levels.

In many cases even debris, small stones can be removed by the increased flow caused by Source energy, this happened on many calls.

Find out if you have enough energy to heal... send a donation and ask specifically that question: do I have enough energy to heal?

This is a big health issue plaguing humans, liver congestion. You flush and cleanse the liver and with that you ease, prevent, or heal all chronic illnesses, because you restore the body's ability to remove toxins which are inevitably a result of eating, living, worrying, hurrying: life.

The congestion is caused mainly by obstructions in the ducts of the liver by tiny stones, much like gall stones. It is impossible to see them on x-ray or any other way, but it is clearly felt by an empath, I can tell you that. Gall-stones are made of bile, and bile is mostly cholesterol, which means fat. So they are fat-stones, soft to the touch, pliable, yet dense enough to create blockages.

intrahepatic-stones-bile-ducts-stonesYou would expect gall stones to be in the gall bladder, but they can be formed anywhere where the bile flow is slow, where there is no motion but there is bile. The liver has two kinds of tissues, liver tissue, and lots of tiny vessels, like a sewage system. This sewage system gets congested, just like in real life, overloaded with too dense sewage, and gets clogged. It backs up and causes all kinds of mischief, mainly no more sewage gets through through that particular pipe.

One of the reasons that the bile flow is so slow is the modern way of eating. We don't eat because we are hungry. We don't eat because we have appetite. We eat because the clock says it's dinner time. Because there is food. Because we are bored, anguished, anxious, afraid, or feel empty.

The bile doesn't get triggered by any of those: your whole system of digestion isn't prepared, isn't geared up to receive food and do the work on it.

Your pancreas doesn't know you will eat. Your liver doesn't know you'll eat. Your stomach doesn't know you'll eat. They are not expecting the sudden inflow of "food" and therefore they don't do what they normally do.

When you have appetite and hunger, real hunger, your whole system is geared up to receive it. Your liver flushes bile, needed to the digestion of fats. Your stomach secretes acid, needed to digest proteins. And your pancreas starts to manufacture its own juices to digest carbs.

When the hunger and the appetite are missing, the bile sits in the gall bladder, and the flow in all the ducts is slowed down or stopped.

I am not writing this article on your eating habits, I am writing on how to remedy the years of mistakes you've been making by performing frequent energetic liver cleanse or liver flushes.

So, let's continue on...

The liver is the chemical plant of the body, it manufactures, filters, and eliminates. It plays a crucial role in the growth, normal operation of every cell in the human body.

Just imagine the sewage aspect: without it your organs, your cells sit in sewage, up to their elbow...

Anything that interrupts or slows down, or on the other hands improves on the functioning of the liver impacts the health of the entire body. When I do healing, the first thing I do is flush and cleanse the liver... It's possible to trace diseases back to the liver, and its impaired function.

You will not experience liver disease, you'll experience the effects on the organ that isn't served well... so looking for pain in the liver is not going to help.

liver-cleanseA student of mine was ill for the past four or five years... Headaches, ear ache, ringing of the ears, frequent colds. I administered liver flush and cleanse. All the symptoms disappeared.

Another student complained of indigestion, stomach ache, nausea. Her husband is a medical doctor. She went from doctor to doctor. They failed to diagnose that she had gall stones. But the intelligent energies I use to trace back to the cause were clear: I did a liver flush, and since then she's been well. Now she has learned how to flush and cleanse her liver, and flushes it once a week herself.

Congestion of the liver by intrahepatic stones (hepatic=liver related) causes symptoms to manifest seemingly indirectly in other organ systems which depend on its functioning. When the liver becomes congested with deposits, the processes of digestion, detoxification and elimination of bodily waste products are all impeded which causes disease symptoms to begin to show up in other systems, the symptom they are experiencing are chronic skin irritation, chronic fatigue, chronic urinary tract infections, joint pain, obesity, menstrual disorder, headaches, indigestion, heart disease or cancer, sinus infection, etc.

I teach how to do liver cleanse on yourself in the Self-Healing Course.

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