Unusual Healing Modalities

Jim Humble of MMS fameThe Cleansing event went well. The energy was reasonably strong, and the feedback is that people felt the energy, felt their hands warm up, felt the nausea, so it showed people that something was happening.

Some people wrote to me that they are afraid to attend because they can't afford to get the healing crisis in the middle of the week. I understand. I made sure that the duration of the energy in each position was really short.

The next call is on Monday, and I am wondering what will happen afterwards.

I am not particularly committed to the path of healer. Why? Because people that are interested in healers, or healing, are mostly people that have physical issues, and they want to fix them.

I like to be on the side of health, on the side of life, on the side of power.

I am not interested in fixing anything: Every solution is the beginning of a much bigger problem. This has been the story of life on earth... remember, the Holocaust was the Final Solution...

Regardless, let me impart some of the "solutions" I have met in the recent years, that I have tested, and at least for a while, found useful.

Especially, because my current methods, the ones I teach, are not designed to remove anything other than toxins, which means pathogens, bacteria, fungi, virus isn't removed by any of the methods of cleansing that I teach. The body becomes inhospitable to these invaders, including worms and other infestations, but many are so weakened, especially in developing countries, that their body cannot cleanse itself enough to get well, before they succumb to death.

So, here are the two methods I have used successfully, and have recommended others:

1. Food grade hydrogen peroxide, aka. H202. learn more

2. MMS or Sodium Chlorite1 : The guy who claims he discovered that this simple water purifying tablet cures Malaria, AIDS, and other viral diseases is Jim Humble, an guy in his 80's. He used to be a gold prospector, and on one of his trips in the South American jungles, two days away from civilization, his hired hands came down with Malaria, and the only thing he could think of giving them was this water purifying tablet dissolved in water or juice, I don't remember. In one hour square the helpers were well enough to work. He, upon his return to the US, started a project of finding out what's in this water purifying tablet, and how it can be used to cure people.

He wrote a book, and thousands upon thousands of people use today his MMS, miracle mineral supplement, which is pretty disgusting, but if I were sick, which I am not, I would use until I get well, even if I have to clip clothespin on my nose to be able to drink it.

According to Jim Humble, he has cured hundreds of thousands of people in Africa. I don't know if this is true, but if it is, then you need to know about it.

If ever civilization will be threatened, you want to have this substance on hand. If for nothing else, clean, sanitized water will be hard to come by if there will be trouble.

Whenever I muscle test if I should take either hydrogen peroxide or Sodium Chlorite, I get a definite NO.

Two other cheap substances that have a large cultish following, are MSM and DMSO.

I have tested both. DMSO works, definitely. If you get muscle spasms, headaches, it is invaluable, it will stop both, and the sting and the smell are small price to pay to get back into action fast.

Another area where DMSO is excellent is when you have a stroke... I understand that what causes the damage in strokes is the blood not draining fast enough and pressing on sensitive brain tissues. DMSO releases this pressure faster than any operation, if applied fast enough.

MSM is chemically related to DMSO. I have used it hoping that my legs would not hurt as much, but haven't notice any effect whatsoever.

They are not recommended and not made by the pharmaceutical industry: there is no money in it for them. For the pharmaceutical industry if something is not a potential billion dollar generator, they are not interested. The fact that they cure, or heal: it is not their concern. Understandable. They are only in the business of making money. And because the whole medical establishment is financed by the pharmaceutical industry, doctors are not interested in what heals cheaply either. It's OK, you should not be interested in doctors... that is my take on health care. You don't have to agree...

Search the internet. And ask questions. I have some answers. Please don't email, ask it in the comment area. Thank you.

  1. There are some commonalities between the two. They are both freely or almost freely available. They are both seemingly intelligent and discerning: they seem to only effect harmful bacteria, fungi, and insects. How do they know? Beats me. []

3 thoughts on “Unusual Healing Modalities”

  1. Thank you for this article.
    1. I decided to try hydrogen peroxide to treat suspected prostate cancer. Between the time of the suspected diagnosis and the bioposy I followed a protocol I found on a website. The biospy was negative despite the alrmingly high PSA test. Did I have cancer? Maybe, maybe not, but I would use HO2 again. I also use it for eardrops and mouthwash.
    2. I am pretty well educated on alternative health, but I have never heard of MMS. Sounds too good to be true, but definitely worth further investigation. I am sure I will find all kinds of quack warnings from big pharma, the medical industry, and the FDA.
    3. DMSO appears to be another effective natural substance being attacked by big pharma. However it is listed as a a poison, so you had better know what you are doing.
    Thanks for the heads up on these natural alternatives. I totally agree with your comments on the pharmaceutical industry.

  2. Sophie it never ceases to amaze me how whatever issue or situation I am currently putting my attention on ( such as liver flushing/cleansing, candida, and now… hydrogen peroxide!) I end up reading about it on your website! What makes it creepy is how timely it is! 🙂 keep up the great work!

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