I love vegetables and fruits… but my body doesn’t

I love vegetables and fruits... but my body doesn't

I used to be able to eat most anything. Not any more.

Whether it has something to do with my vibration (it's 970/1,000 now) or not, I don't know.

I had nothing in the refrigerator, other than the tuna cans I have for the cat. But I had some brussel sprouts and I decided to take a risk.

For the past about six months every time I touch vegetables, except beets, my stomach lurches.

I love brussel sprouts. I loved eating them. But now I am sick. I feel intense dull pain in my stomach, and I can barely breathe. If I didn't have so much work to do, I'd lie down and spend the rest of the day in bed, I feel so bad.

Why did I write this article?

Actually, in addition to sharing this condition, I thought I would poke a hole in the myth that vegetables are necessarily good for you... maybe not.

Once you get out of your head1 you are going to start feeling your way life. Your stomach will always tell you (if you are part of the cca. 90% of the population that gets feedback from "All-of-It" through their stomach saying yay or nay) what is good for you in that moment and what isn't.

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  1. the guy that used to drive me to do grocery shopping, would always shop for protein... I have never eaten protein, other than protein powder... He is typical of the people who live in their head, eat according some authority's pronouncements, and have no idea how they feel, who they are, and why. []

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  1. there is no way to know how much raising you vibration this high will affect your body…un charted territory…one would assume that healing would occur and the body would be healthy the higher the vibration.

  2. Hi Sophie, fruits and vegetables are natural and original foods. . . This is the first time I heard a person body is against! Maybe you should not stop but gradually add it to your diet. I know people are different from each other, but suffice to say you are missing the nutrients from these foods which also contain the proteins we need NOT from meats, fish, eggs etc. I am a Healthy Lifestyle Coach, I am just sharing what I am coaching to many people who are transforming their health because of fruits and vegetables. Thank you!

    1. Thelma, you can continue reaching Tree of Knowledge stuff and I am going to continue to do Tree of Life stuff… i.e. trust my body.

  3. Sophie, what do you think of the idea that all things are just energy, including food, and maybe your vibration is so high you just don’t need the energy from these foods? Some people claim to be Breatharians and say they don’t eat at all. Maybe you get all the energy you need from the high vibration.

    1. if you knew the answer, would that help you in any way? Or you would rather ask questions that are irrelevant to you than live the right way?

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