Ear Mites… be ready to be surprised… you may have them!

In this article I document the healing steps I have taken to heal a client with severe mobility and weakness issues, as well as hearing, seeing, and smelling. I found that all those issues come from an ear mite infestation that was unnoticed and undiagnosed for two years. With simple ingredients found in every home, he is on his way to resume a full life.

A yet unknown use for Hydrogen Peroxide, the one solution miracle

As you may know, occasionally I see clients in my home, if they travel to me, or they live in my city.

Having hands-on experience, being able to touch, watch, see the reaction, palpate, is something that I cannot do on my webinars of phone calls, so I need these to keep myself grounded.

Ten days ago a client came to his first ever visit with me. Barely able to climb the one flight of stairs, really in pain.

I found no obvious reasons why he was so weak and in pain, so I started to muscle test different areas, and I also used the diagnostic energy bundle, three major healing energies, bundled, show the origin of issues, not the effect.

It all centered around his left ear. I took out a magnifying lens, and found coffee grind-like stuff in there.

I have had cats before, I recognized it as ear mite infestation. Darn... I didn't know they infest people.

I remembered what I did for the cat, so I poured baby oil, which is a mineral oil, into his ear, and let him lie on his side for 20 minutes. We chatted, and it was pleasant.

Then poured hydrogen peroxide into the same ear, and the ruckus began: the bubbling and popping went on for over 20 minutes.

Since then he came back for two more hydrogen peroxide treatments. He is walking better, he is in less pain, his mood has improved greatly.

So, first off, was it the mineral oil that smothered the mites that made the difference? Yes.

Was the hydrogen peroxide do anything? Yes. For one, by zapping mites and their stuff, maybe even the eggs, it allowed the hydrogen peroxide go deeper and deeper towards the ear drum, so no more mites will be able to hide.

He will need to continue this treatment until the bubbling and popping won't last longer than a few minutes, maximum five.

How can tiny ear mites that feed on ear wax cause such dramatic symptoms as this guy was exhibiting?

I am not sure. But when you equilibrium is off, your skeleton adjusts, and you are out of whack. Also, having the ear wax created a breeding ground for mites AND bacteria isn't interrupted by the ear drum: it continues into your sinuses... so unbeknownst to you, your sinuses are infected. Your forehead also hides caves that now have an accumulation of bacteria... so you may have a slight headache.

The bacteria, dead and alive, is now in your post nasal drip, and gets down to your stomach and gut, and your whole well being is gone.

Does an artificial chemical, hydrogen peroxide, able to distinguish between good and bad invaders? Surprisingly,
1. hydrogen peroxide is part of the design of life on this planet, the ozone in the atmospheric layer of the earth interacts with water, and created hydrogen peroxide. This falls in rainwater, and helps plant desinfect, little at a time.

2. It seems to be intelligent: don't ask me why and how: I don't know. It is discerning what is good for you and what isn't.

With that it really proves that hydrogen peroxide is a kind of miracle cure... like I read a few years ago.

The book about the hydrogen peroxide cure is 70% harping against the established ways of treating disease, and the suppression of natural cures. And 30% of it tells you how to use it.

It won't talk about some ways I have discovered... like ear mites.

It won't talk about a 90 year old Florida guy's method, who sprays it into his mouth and throat daily, and says that is the reason he is so sparky at age 90.

It won't talk about keeping you from getting colds by decimating the bacteria in your ears...

But it will be a good foundation.

PS: By the way, the client had had the mite in his ears for two years... slowly building up to the dramatic deterioration of health he presented himself with, when he came to see me.

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  1. Awesome stuff! I read an article about Hydrogen P. some long time ago and started to clean stuff with it like sink, fridge, toothbrushes, dish sponge and then not long ago I started spraying it in my mouth just by instinct and once a week in my ears. I figured if it foams it must be doing something. Thank you for this valuable info, Sophie.

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