Will emotional healing heal your physical problems?

In this case study we’ll look at finding the physical issue and enable the body to heal itself, by 1. attending to the crucial organs that may be congested, like the liver and the pancreas, and cleanse them, flush them, energize them. 2. look for micro or macro invaders, bacteria, yeast, fungus, or parasites 3. influence the emotional state of the client so they allow healing instead of blocking it.

I have recently taken on a pro bono client, who is getting weaker and weaker, sicker and sicker by the day. He is in his mid 60's.

I am doing what I do for him remotely, using the empath method, which is healing by proxy. I do what I do non my own body, while I am connected to him.

He needs, first, cleansing and energizing both his liver and pancreas...

He is certain his troubles are due to emotional issues. I dare to differ.

My take on what ails him is that it's physical and undiagnosed.

Many people are drawn to my site, drawn to "distant healers" or the Healing Codes, EFT, and other emotional clearing modalities to heal their physical diseases.

In my experience, most of these methods are ineffective at reversing physical issues by themselves.

Once an emotional issue, or an energetic imbalance manifested in a physical issue, the solution needs to be dealing with all of it, all at once.

But, of course, if your mind, if your world view is two-bit, i.e. you have a hammer in your hand and are looking for nails to hit, you will choose one of the issues, and you'll cause more damage than you started with.

Now, with that said, there is one emotional issue that must be addressed, no matter what healing modality or what combination of those you use: your attitude to your pain, discomfort, illness, condition, speed of healing, and such.

This is best done with the Bach Energies® that are embedded in the Heaven on Earth Remedy. Each of those 40 energies counters one harmful-to-healing attitude, whether it's impatience, difficulty to understand, feeling like a victim, or a know-it-all attitude. In this specific client's case, he needs to calm down and start breathing... not forced breathing... just stop holding his breath (waiting for death?).

Every healing modality that works does one thing: remove the overload on the body that prevents it from healing itself.

No energy, no outside influence can heal the body, only the body can heal itself. Just like no outside influence can heal the emotions, only the person and his consciousness can.

But the Bach Energies® always help the mind, the emotions, the attitude to stand out of the way, and allow the body, or the consciousness do their work, so you can heal.

Last but not least, as soon as I restore the client's liver and pancreas (I have already instructed them to avoid grains) I'll hunt for bacteria, yeast, fungus, or parasites...

But as long as they are in an emotional turmoil, and as long as their liver and pancreas are not functioning well, I won't do anything else, but energize those.

4 thoughts on “Will emotional healing heal your physical problems?”

  1. When I got sick few days ago and got cold sores all over my lips I played Hoe all night and I woke up the next day with energy. Using HOE and cayenne tincture dried them up in three days!
    Sophie, are you saying that grains are bad for liver and pancreas? How about gluten free grains like buckwheat, heirloom rice and quinoa? Sometimes eating them makes me feel good. Have you muscle tested with them? Thank you!!!

    1. A, you just brought Tree of Knowledge here… everything is good for some people some of the time. But when someone’s pancreas is failing, they need to stop eating what causes it… first grains, then fruits.

      Please don’t think that this article means anything about you or your children. You are not dying. this guy is… unless he is taken out of the miserable situation he is.

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