On digestion, bacteria, your stool, and your mental health

I have been experimenting. I have also been muscle testing what supplement to take, for 2-3 weeks now. Before I only muscle tested some minerals but took, every night, the stuff that helps me poop.

To my surprise, the muscle test didn't agree with my habits: Intestinal Formula to move my bowels was needed every other day, and my extra strong probiotics was "yes" every third day, and the day in-between the regular probiotics was "yes". Turns out, the regular probiotics has a different combination of beneficial bacteria.

I am still pooping every day, but the stool is firmer, and there are no recognizable food particles in it.

So, I have come to a conclusion that I'd like to share:

Food gets broken down, digested by bacteria in our intestinal track. But each type of food needs a different type of bacteria.

When you dramatically change your diet, or when you eat food that doesn't fit in with what you normally eat, your food doesn't get digested, or maybe get used by the bad bacteria that has the unfortunate side effect of producing toxins in the process of their life.

So your unusual food becomes toxin.

A few years ago I had a student who suddenly started to eat "raw", vegetables, fruits, juices. She felt really poorly, her pancreas was failing, and I had to order her to return to regular food, so she can get well.

Had she slowly changed her diet to raw, a very little at a time, the bacteria in the intestines may have had a chance to adapt, and the diet would have made her well.

Same with any drastic change.

If you look at your stool in the toilet, and you should, you will see if there are undigested food particles, and start removing the food, and slowly return as the undigested food particles disappear.

When you eat with your mind, this kind of mistakes happen often, and although your intention was good, your results are disastrous to your health, both physical and mental.

Because don't be mistaken: mental health begins in the guts...the nerve toxins, the toxins the bad bacteria produces make you anxious, stupid, dizzy, afraid, and you think it is something else.

Get your digestion working. Make sure your temperature is high throughout the day, so you fully burn your food.