What this blog is about…

This blog is about me sharing the healing stories that I don't want to put on my main blog, www.yourvibration.com. Why? Because being a spiritual teacher and being someone who wields energies that heal are two distinct job.

I don't want to have the two mixed.

The energies I get from Source definitely heal. But I am not so much about healing as I am about creating a new humanity and the ushering in the thousand years of peace.

So I'll put my healing results, experiments, musings into this blog. OK?

So: let's begin.

4 thoughts on “What this blog is about…”

  1. I would like to subscribe to this site and receive notifications when you post articles. Is that possible?

  2. I would like to subscribe to this blog. I’m having trouble with my asthma again which was completely removed with reiki but my reiki person went back to work and quit treating everybody except her family. I’ve tried using source but so far it’s not working. Maybe a new Energy Water could help?

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