Eating the menu and other Tree of Knowledge stuff

I need some protein, says Charlie when I ask what he wants to buy on our weekly shopping trip.

Charlie is a student of mine, and he takes me shopping: I don't drive.

He makes 16 ingredient salads and also buys protein.

I get some ground buffalo, eggs, Chorizo, half and half, and butter.

I sample some cherries on the way: my stomach is quick to inform me that it was a bad move. It's cramping from two cherries. Wow.

I have my eating down pat, except the overeating at night: when I am tired I start stuffing myself. Then, like any normal Jew, I have heartburn, I deserve it.

My diet changed abruptly. I used to buy lots of vegetables, and didn't understand why I was always sick.

I, by the way, expect the diet to change a few times before it settles to something I can explain to a normal mind-driven left brain tree of knowledge human machine.

I found an article that actually recommended exactly what and how I eat: something about healing your gut: I was born with gut that wasn't happy: and it never got any happier.

They call that system GASP... I bought a book, it is something about fermenting your food... I am curious. I'll see if my stomach likes it. So far every time i touch the sauerkraut it lurches... so not yet... maybe one day?

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  1. Given your history could it be that your body is presenting something for you to heal or resolve emotionally?

    1. I was a preemie, and I have had leaky gut syndrome with dyslexia, emotional issues, etc. since birth…

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