On Fructose… again. Is Fructose one of the big killers of our days to come?

ash13-norm-robillard-did-cavemen-get-heartburn-6-638I had this insight in that theta brain state in the morning when I was about to wake up...

I have been struggling with acid reflux. It started about three weeks ago when I started to enjoy some jam on my toast again in the morning.

I forgot why I'd stopped using anything that has fruit in it... the fructose! duh.

But then, in this half dream half awake, the insights came.

I have a client who can only whisper, because his vocal cord got damaged...
And there is this other client who has a tumor in his throat...



fodmap-2What if the biggest issue with Fructose is that it works like a strong acid, and it damages the path it touches, your throat, your esophagus, your stomach lining, and your intestines?

What if what causes plants to have more fructose in them is the modern fertilizers that cause a definite change in, especially, the sugars of the plant.

What if I am just a canary... an early warning for us all?

What if I am just a canary, and I am just an early warning signal... that the consumption of ever increasing quantities of fructose can damage and kill us all.

I searched the web. All the pages I have visited talk about the effects of fructose in the gut, but no one has said: fructose damages your teeth, your throat, your esophagus, your voice, your stomach... before it even gets into the gut.

I have stopped the jam, but the burning pain is still there.

The Big Bundle to the Rescue

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