You eat what you are… but you can change what you are!

lemon water for digestion and good healthUnbelievable, but true: you do crave more of what you are, and feel aversion towards what you are not.

I didn't know this until a friend said, out of the blue one day: your gut is organized to digest the food you are now giving it... it needs different bacteria to digest different food, like vegetables.

That is all I needed to hear: I started to re-train my gut to eat a healthier diet... In the beginning I gave it only grams of what it wasn't used to... so I can be well during the transition.

The same thing happened with lemon... it just took me longer: my body's aversion to it was so strong, I went for months throwing away the lemons I bought... and then, finally, my body gave in.

I still did it slowly. I started with a few drops. Now I am up to two lemons a day.

The results are astounding: I have cleaner bowel movements, and it seems that I digest my food better. I am also eating less. Not because I decided, but because I am not hungry.

My guess is that most of my previous hunger was not really hunger, but indigestion.

I take my lemons in water and I sweeten it with D-Mannose

I take D-Mannose, a slightly sweet sugar, for other reasons. Side effect: no more yeast...

It seems that Candida doesn't like D-Mannose. And it dies of without the usual toxic die-off side-effects... Just doesn't grow in the environment D-Mannose creates.

drink lemon water ever day for better health