The fallacy that anything that is Indian is good for you

masala teaI have a new client. 35 year old male from Central Africa.

I suggested that he posts his food diary and mood diary every day, so we can figure out how to get him well.

So far there are intense symptoms of yeast die-off, once we removed sources of sugar and starches.

Going deeper, I found out that the Masala tea he is drinking is regular tea with Indian spices.

One of my friends is an Ayurvedic pulse reader, and as such he recommends spices to his clients.

Whatever is in Masala, is incompatible with my client, blood type O, overloaded with kapha, and deficient in vata and pita: air and fire.

I am no ayurvedic expert, but unless his spices increase Vata, which I would recommend because his animal protein/vegetables diet, which I prescribed, needs him to improve the digestive fire, instead of dumping it, which probably Masala does... who cares.

Not everything is good for you that come form India. Actually, most things are NOT good for you... but the will never tell you.

I have Indian clients that don't know either... and are weak, testy, and angry all the time.

PS: Chai Latte at coffee shops is a masala tea... observe your reaction to it... it may not be good for you.