The Mini Energizer

mini-energizerThe mini energizer

Of all the nutrients we take in to keep our well, keep ourselves sharp, and live long, the two most important nutrients are air and water.

I have been concentrating on water, because I have no idea what one could do with the air itself. I know there is less and less oxygen percentage wise in the air we breathe, and I know that there are impurities in the air. I also know that air is a carrier of nourishing thought or destructive thought, but I haven't been able to crack the puzzle how I can influence it.

So I am dealing with water. After all 70% of our body is water, and if there is something wrong with our water, the water we drink, the water we bathe in, then we'll be less than we could be.

Dumber, sluggish, pimply, and maybe even sick. Our hair will lack shine, our eyes will lack a spark, and our mood will be downcast.

I first encountered Energy Water, or Energized Water in 1995 or 1996. It came in the form of a double-walled mug. It was ugly, it was expensive (I paid 89 dollars for my first mug) but I was sooooo sick, I wanted it.

I then ordered more energized water products. My favorite was the 7" stick: it was a transparent plastic pipe closed on both ends, filled with the liquid that was somewhat viscose.

It leaked... but it worked. It was small enough to drop it into a gallon water container, so I could take it to my frequent trips with me. But after 9/11 it was a little tricky: you had to take it in your pocket, and smuggle it with you, because exposure to X-ray scrambled the energizer, and it stopped working.

I got caught twice, once I had to mail it back home from the airport, the second time the security person thought it was a sex toy (lol) and he let me through winking furiously.

It was all nice and dandy, expensive, but good.

And then the manufacturer went bankrupt. It was near impossible to get anything. The prices went up. So I turned to Source and asked: can you duplicate it?

The answer was yes, but it was still a long time before I would be in the position to co-create that miracle with Source... but finally we did it.

The result was the Energizer® an energy that can be infused in people, and can be infused in water.

It harmonizes the water, causes its coherence, and maybe it even changes its spin, thought I don't know if that can be measured.

The water, energized with the Energizer® vibrates at 650, both the touch and the taste is silky, easy to drink, and tastes somewhat sweet.

And most importantly, just like the "original" you can place the energized water next to normal water, and the normal water, over time, takes on the same characteristics.

The next issue was delivery. How are you going to get, what device you'll get, that allows the water and the device to be close enough for a long enough time for the energizing to happen.

I found the Polar Pitcher and its energizer insert.

But delivery is expensive, and you can't travel with it.

I was searching high and low for something to recreate the 7-inch stick with, to no avail. Then I found the 2 oz (about 50 ml) round bottles... and it hit me.

They fit the opening of a gallon water container. They can be carried around in your pocket. You can take them, legally, to an air trip with yourself. And they will work.

This is how the Mini Energizer® was born.

the mini energizer... that packs a punchI bought a few hundred bottles, and now you can order it.

Energize your water, energize yourself, even out your mood, heal your body, heal your mind, heal your environment.

It's an all around miracle solution to a lot of what ails you.

What should you expect? I can only tell you what I experienced and other people report experiencing:

1. I used to have a lot of problems with my skin, especially pimples. I haven't had a pimple for 15 years.
2. I used to have serious issues with my stomach, ulcers, indigestion, severe pain. I have had no pain for 15 years
3. I used to suffer from severe insomnia: I could not fall asleep, no matter how tired I was. I've been falling asleep within a few minutes of turning the light off.
4. I used to have fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and today I can work 14 hours a day without any symptoms of tiredness
5. I used to have frequent migraines, in fact at least once a week. I haven't had a migraine for the past 9 years, but even before I had them only rarely.
6. My skin used to itch a lot, no more itching. I had also patches of psoriasis... completely gone!

Others report being able to drink water and enjoy it. Having better mood, better sleep, better overall health. More energy for what they need to do in life, more alert on long drives, better attitude, less or no more depression.

You owe it to yourself to try it. The mini energizers are guaranteed to work for a year, then I recommend you buy another set.

The cost? I am going to offer an introductory price. Especially because I don't have labels yet: I haven't found a label that the ink isn't poisonous when you put it in water... I'll raise the price as soon as I can get the correct type of labels printed.

$5 each plus shipping.


Read options carefully.


6 thoughts on “The Mini Energizer”

  1. You say: ‘you can place the energized water next to normal water, and the normal water, over time, takes on the same characteristics…’
    My question is: how much time, how long does it take? (it’s entrainment, isn’t it?)
    Also, is it better to energize the filtered water instead of tap water?

    1. it’s entrainment

      best to have the seed enveloped by the water to be entrained, or the reverse.

      in the mini’s case, you just drop the bottles into the gallon water containers.

      It is better to use filtered or spring water, of course. Impurities are still impurities after energizing.

  2. Hi Sophie

    I’ve just received the mini water energizers. Thanks.

    My question is :-

    By putting two energizers in a 2 litre container, does the drinking water gets energized faster or it takes 24 hrs for the water to get energized ?

    I’d appreciate your comments. Thank you.

    1. Sorry Cecilia, something is going on with my email…

      According to my experience, two minis charge a 2 liter container in about 12 hours.

      Your best practice would be to have two containers go on at any one time, one is ready to consume, the other is getting ready…. this way you only have to wait once, at the first time.

  3. Hi Sophie, I am planning to secure the energizer on the outside of my RO reservoir, which is at least a gallon, do I need four to energizers? The RO reservoir is pressurized, will that effect the energized water?

    1. I don’t think it’s a strong enough, large enough quantity to energize a container from the outside, sorry

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