Energizing Skin Spray

Energizing Skin Spray

Mineral skin solution infused with the Unbreakable®

What's special about it?

The Unbreakable® is an energy that vibrates at 850. It is an intelligent mending energy, according to my experience.

It seems to know how things are supposed to be and goes immediately on to mend it: fill in energetic gaps, straighten our stuff, release subluxation, relax muscles, massage sore ligaments.

Smarter than any human that I know... lol, including myself. No Tree of Knowledge.

The minerals in the base are skin health minerals mostly missing from our diets. They are prepared with a  special proprietary solution, and they are highly bio-available.

How do you use it?

Spray it on your body. It's best to use it on sun damaged skin, feet, hands, back, and face where you have blemishes, dry skin, or some other skin issues.

If you need deeper healing, I recommend energizing a gel pad, your bathwater, with an Unbreakable energizer... it's a lot more economical.

Energizing Skin Healing Spray: $10 + sh/h (I'll set up the paypal buttons as soon as I get some spray tops for the bottles. Let me know if you are interested.)

6 thoughts on “Energizing Skin Spray”

    1. the problem is not the paypal button, the problem is buying spray-heads for the bottles. I don’t want to spend my money if not many people want it.

  1. Hi Sophie,
    What treatment would you recommend to stop hairloss and engrourage new hair growth in a Male teenager ?
    Thanks !
    Regards .. Eileen 🙂

    1. hair loss is a symptom of deep seated issues. No self-respecting person would start treating the hair and ignore the rest, please don’t do that. It is like pinning cherries on an apple tree hoping that it will become a cherry tree by that.

      Get him checked.

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