A month or two ago I gave to one of my massage clients a bottle of Heaven on Earth.

You know that the Heaven on Earth is an energy bundle. The 40 individual energies are the 40 negative feelings a human being can have, from anxiety to wrongful pride: all of them are in those 40.

The Heaven on Earth energies are infused in an aqueous (water based) solution and you take it in your drinking water, minimum 4 times a day, preferable throughout the day.

When a negative feeling arises, which is inevitable, the energy in the infusion (and now in your body) meets it and the two energies battle it out. Literally. They are matching energies, and depending on the strength of the feeling, it wins or the Remedy wins.

This guy is a really nice guy with really not nice Psoriasis. His head, his legs, the crack of his butt were covered with nasty psoriasis, red as an ape's ass...

He took the remedy and I didn't see him until today.

I was sure he didn't take it, but I was pleasantly surprised: he finished the bottle.

The psoriasis on his head is completely gone. On his shins I saw regular skin, and the lesions were brownish instead of bright red.

So it seems that the Remedy worked for this guy, he hasn't spent any time in the sun (which always heals the lesions by itself), so the results were all due to the Heaven on Earth.

I need to test some other people. I am excited. Psoriasis is a nasty thing to have or to look at.

9 thoughts on “Psoriasis”

  1. Since most physical symptoms have an underlying emotional component…it could only help to take the HOE as part of a Holistic Wellness Program.

  2. Sophie,
    Will you make HOE available to people outside the class? I know 1-2 people who would be good candidates.

  3. Sophie

    I’ve just read about your HOE in a bottle I would love to purchase this but I just read that it contains alcohol, can you supply without alcohol.

    1. The answer is yes and no. The carrier must be water, but because it is a 6-week supply, something has to preserve the water.
      I can send it to you without the brandy, but you will need to store it in your refrigerator. Just make sure that you say this when you order: I will make it just for you.

  4. Sophie I’ve just made payment via paypal, unfortunately there was not a option for me to leave you a note, so please when you send me the HOE please makesure its with no alcohol. I will also send you an email to remind you of this. many thanks.

    1. OK Tony, got it. No alcohol. It will be going out tomorrow. Please make sure you refrigerate the bottle.

  5. Hi Sophie many thanks received my HOE bottle today looks great, just to confirm is it recommended to use only one drop four times a day is that correcct? ALso the label does state it has alcohol but as I requested no alcohol so I’m sure it is alcohol free, would be great if you can just confirm.

    1. Tony, it is 4 drops 4-8 times a day. or two squirts into your daily water bottle.

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