Muscle tiredness, muscle ache

A few years ago I started to have pain in my calves. I had a tendency for varicose veins. I inherited that from my mother.

So in these past few years walking has been a painful activity. Then it got worse... and even climbing up from the first floor to the second was a big undertaking.

I started to get curious and ask questions.

I have added Magnesium to my supplements. I have added Rutin, a Bioflavonoid, inespensive and potent.

Magnesium, or rather the lack of it, causes a stiffening, and so does lack of bioflavonoids. That does 70% of the "trick", the 30% is actually using my legs, to walk, to dance, to climb stairs.

I am noticing the difference, now , after three weeks. You cannot undo a damage that built over decades... or you harm yourself.