What is in milk that is addictive for some people? Like me… lol

I have been addicted to milk, sour cream, half and half, all my life.

How do you know that someone is truly addicted?

There are two symptoms:

  1. They can't be satisfied with a normal amount to consume of something they are addicted to. They have to go hog wild, until they can't do more. That describes my relationship to milk to a T.
  2. If they don't have the "stuff" they will go to get some over broken glass... this isn't quite true for me, maybe 40%

In the book I mention in my previous article, I learned that my gut flora changes the protein in milk and milk products to opiates.

To your information: opiates are the addictive ingredients in opium, in heroin, in pain killer that you need a prescription for.

The mechanism of opium (layperson view!) is that they feel to smooth out frazzled nerves.

A few years ago, out of China, came a substance that is marketed under the trade name "Lactium" or "Lactium 90", the only ingredient in Swanson Vitamins' "Women's Anti Stress Formula"

I took them for years. It works as well (lol) as milk for me, but, if I am not mistaken, you need no bad gut flora to create the opiates, it is the form it comes in... so there are hundreds of thousands of people on opiates, and they don't know.

The problem with opiates is that they are ineffective in the same dose after a while, so you need to increase the dosage. Until your whole life is about being a zombie... feeling your smooth nerves, but nothing else.

Work? Relationships? Who cares.