The Emotional Aspect Of Breathing

This article is about breathing. Or better said: not breathing, or not breathing properly, or not being able to breathe.

From this on, breathing will be only considered breathing if your body is fully participating in it, if the breath is deep and if the belly muscles participate in the action. Only 9% of humanity breathes that way, when awake, the rest practices aberrated breathing.

What aberrates breathing? Emotions.1

Human being is a control freak...

One instrument of control is your breath, or breathing. You can hold it, you can hyperventilate, you can suppress emotions with it, it's a very effective tool of control.

Except when controlling becomes a habit, then you are in trouble. Even when you want you can't be release the control, you can't breathe free, you can't breathe properly, you don't allow yourself to feel what you feel, instead you hold your breath... and a slew of conditions follow, physical, emotional, and cognitive.

When I was studying the 38 emotions identified by Dr. Edward Bach in the first part of the 20th century, I made it my business to feel all the emotions the Bach Remedies represented. Later I found two more emotions/attitudes that Dr. Bach missed.

Being an empath2 , my method was to hold the little Bach Flower Essence bottle in my mouth, and feel the emotion and its physical components arise. Not pleasant, by the way! It was possible, the feeling was trapped in the bottle, because the Bach Remedies work on the homeopathic principle: you get a little bit of what you want to eliminate. The weaker (more diluted) the homeopathic remedy, the stronger the effect.3

I have identified the feelings, and saw an interesting aspect of feelings: with many of the feelings present, breathing becomes near impossible: the feeling is that breathing is blocked, that you can't breathe, that you are starving for oxygen, etc, or you would hyperventilate.

Each emotion is a result of a thought, such as: "it shouldn't be"... some feelings are "I shouldn't be..." others are "it or they should not be", or "should be different than they are".

When the emotions are released, the breathing returns to "normal", to the way the person normally breathes... Remember only 9% of the population breathes normally, which is belly breathing.

Sometimes just talking straight about what bothers you releases the blockage... that's why women like to discuss their troubles.

Some therapists try to help people by teaching force breathing techniques; I prefer bringing consciousness to the emotional, moral, cognitive, issues, Once you realize that those should not be's are your own creation, you can "un-create" them: you can change your attitude, it is fully yours.

The Bach Remedies, or in my case the Bach Energies4 are an excellent and fast way of zapping the negative thought and feeling, and restore the normal breathing.

Once the simple feelings are removed, unfortunately, often there are other feeling-like symptoms there. These don't respond to the Bach Energies. These are stuck attitudes, a combination of several feelings, and it takes a very talented transformational coach with excellent tools to dislodge them, and eliminate them.

The phenomenon is called Racket: a complex structure where the person has a hidden agenda than that is stronger than the visible complaint. Three is a strong pretense and a very strong payoff.5

Many of my students have these rackets, the complex structure that blocks breathing and causes chest pain, or pressure in the chest. One of these "rackets" is called: "No matter what I do I can't accomplish or get what I want to accomplish or get..."

You have probably run this "racket" before. When you observe a person with this "racket", what you notice is that they run their mouth, but there is no doing, or the doing is just for show, just to preserve appearances.

The payoff is that they don't have to do what they claim they are doing... they neither want the result, nor the activity, they prefer to just complain. They try to avoid the danger that comes with the accomplishment, or they try to avoid the danger that comes with failure... so what runs this particular "emotion" is avoidance or belligerence: "you can't make me!"

I could go over all the iceberg structures of pretense I have distinguished, there are hundreds, but I prefer to provide this knowledge in my coaching classes: just knowing about them isn't going to do much for you... What is important to understand that all that feels physical isn't; in fact most of what ails you isn't physical at all.

The Harmonize Your Vibration (formerly Harmonize the Planet) audio has been very effective at scrambling these iceberg structures of pretense, and causing hours of well-being, etc.

How? The vibration of the audio, my vibration, is 97% free of emotions and structures... and what the audio does is harmonizes your vibration to mine.

No, you don't have to become like me, as far as personality goes, but becoming like me vibrationally is the closest you will find to living in heaven.

I recommend that you get the Harmonize Your Vibration audio: for a limited time I bundle it with the Bach Energies: so you can get the best of both worlds at a steep discount.

NEW: I have decided to not sell the activator to someone who may not be a good match...

So before I decide if you can have the payment link, I need to know you a little bit.

The starting point measurements is my way to get to know you.

  1. Of course, you could have hurt or broken a rib, just had a heart operation, someone is sitting on your chest, etc... but these are temporary conditions. []
  2. empath is someone who feels your emotions stronger than you do. That is a normal empath. Then, rarely, a true empath is born, who feels and identifies, at will, and accurately, what you are feeling, and can even heal you "by proxy", by working on their own body instead of yours. I am such an empath, on one hand it's a blessing, on the other it's a curse []
  3. The same is true in many areas of life, massage and other touch healing techniques are a good area where this is true. Gently caressing an area that hurts releases the muscle tension in a few seconds, while strong massage creates resistance, so you have to knead the muscles for a long time for the same effect. []
  4. I have asked Source to duplicate the Bach Remedies so I don't have to do the bottle thing any more. These energies are put in a bottle of liquid and work as well, or better than the original Bach Remedies, at a fraction of the cost []
  5. Payoffs are benefits. Hidden benefits. Such as being right, or justify your actions. They are used mostly to avoid responsibility: it seems that humans dislike responsibility []