Inflammation… what causes it?

Once you know the cause of something, you have a chance to heal it.

Inflammation runs in my family.

So does acid reflux.

I have been struggling with bpth for quite a while...
My eating style is 'separator' due to my weak stomach acid.

As a student I used to break out and the university doctor diagnosed my condition as self-toxicity... I broke out when I ate beef.

But as I got older, any protein became almost indigestible... so I took Papain enzyme for a while... but I experienced only little improvement in my acid reflux.

Then I decided to try hcl... hydrochlorid acid... and I think i hit paydirt.

Here is what I am experiencing:

no acid reflux
a whole lot less inflammation... which means I can walk faster and longer. No hot knees and calves pas the immediate exertion.

I am going to suggest my older brother who has serious pain in his hands to start taking hcl... once I get his results, I'll recommend it to everyone with weak stomach acid.

and added benefit: the microscopic mites don't survive the incrised acidity of the stomach... so I am hopeful that if I keep this up, I'll be mite free as well.

The fallacy that anything that is Indian is good for you

masala teaI have a new client. 35 year old male from Central Africa.

I suggested that he posts his food diary and mood diary every day, so we can figure out how to get him well.

So far there are intense symptoms of yeast die-off, once we removed sources of sugar and starches.

Going deeper, I found out that the Masala tea he is drinking is regular tea with Indian spices.

One of my friends is an Ayurvedic pulse reader, and as such he recommends spices to his clients.
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Ear Mites… be ready to be surprised… you may have them!

A yet unknown use for Hydrogen Peroxide, the one solution miracle

As you may know, occasionally I see clients in my home, if they travel to me, or they live in my city.

Having hands-on experience, being able to touch, watch, see the reaction, palpate, is something that I cannot do on my webinars of phone calls, so I need these to keep myself grounded.

Ten days ago a client came to his first ever visit with me. Barely able to climb the one flight of stairs, really in pain.

I found no obvious reasons why he was so weak and in pain, so I started to muscle test different areas, and I also used the diagnostic energy bundle, three major healing energies, bundled, show the origin of issues, not the effect.

It all centered around his left ear. I took out a magnifying lens, and found coffee grind-like stuff in there.
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My testing lab: intermittent fasting, weight loss, hair regrown, etc.

Update June 2017

I have a hunch that it was more that mineral supplement I took for a while...

Why? because all my hair grew back, and it is darker than it was five years ago.

What may be the secret? Tin.

I now use two multi-trace-mineral supplements, and I have also bought a tin-cup, to make sure that I have the essential mineral supplement, Tin, (Sn, stannum) in my system.

You cannot test if you are tin-deficient, but I can... I muscle test you. Email me if you need me to test you... Many people are tin deficient.

One other tin-deficiency symptom is hard of hearing...

OK, here is the original article: Yesterday I lead a webinar, and I showed myself on the webcam and noticed that the huge bald spot, the size of my hand, almost entirely disappeared, there is maybe a little thinning in the front.

What did I do?
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