What causes mineral deficiency? How would you know?

This question comes up in my inbox a lot... not from clients, not from people who experience it, but from marketers, sellers of supplements.

So it is time to clear up some misleading statements that are designed to sell you something that you don't need, at a price that makes no sense.

Today I got an email about Magnesium.

It says that (smart! and false) that coffee depletes your Magnesium reserves, and cause you to sleep poorly, to be less resistant to emotional ups and downs.

Hell, why don't I just copy it here:

Did you know that coffee—while rich in antioxidants—can actually deplete your body of its most essential mineral?

And without this #1 most essential mineral, you will feel more stressed out (cortisol hormone goes UP)... your metabolism slows down... and it becomes harder to sleep.

Poor sleep actually then makes all of this way worse: you feel perpetually exhausted, stressed out, energy and fat-burning become a problem...

It’s a vicious cycle.

The problem is—this mineral is NOT in your food. And you can’t just go out and buy this mineral at the store.

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It will reverse stress... transform your sleep... even restore energy and metabolism.

What is the truth value of this email? 3%. Which means it is full of garden variety horseshit.

Yes, there are different formulations of Magnesium, and you want something that you can utilize.

Yes, coffee will make you sleepless... not only in Seattle... lol.

Your cortisol hormone has little to do with Magnesium, and more to do with inflammation... which, as I have said before, 70% due to incorrect food combining, or just plain weak stomach acid, lack of enzymes in your diet, or lack of enzymes produced in the food by the processes.

By the way, yesterday I watched a youtube video that was brilliant and answered a longstanding question of mine: why I wasn't gluten intolerant in Hungary, and became gluten intolerant in the United States.

The Italian doctor and scientist in the video explained that the processing, i.e. the making of the food, bread, pasta, are crucial from the point of view of enzymes. I didn't know that.

He shared that yeast, the one they used in bread, has enzymes that work only after so many hours and pre-digest the wheat protein we call gluten. Hah... very interesting. I never had any problems with bread in Hungary... maybe this is why. The bread dough is left there to rise overnight... and then baked in the wee hours of the morning.

There is such a thing as some foods need some minerals to digest and be used by the body, probably for the manufacturing of the enzymes necessary.

I have found that any sugar containing foods, sweet vegetables, fruits or outright sugar added stuff depletes Copper reserves... and, gasp, make your hair graying faster, and your skin lose elasticity... i.e. wrinkles.

You can overdo it... and it will deplete your Zinc reserves... so don't go hog wild... Don't play Russian roulette with your health.

I pay attention to the body's messages about minerals that are sorely missing. So far I distinguished four:

Calcium: extreme muscle tiredness even after just going downstairs to get my mail...

Magnesium: my left leg cramps....

Potassium: my right leg cramps

Copper: my left hand goes numb

There are probably more that I haven't distinguished... yet.

My testing lab: intermittent fasting, weight loss, hair regrown, etc.

Update June 2017

I have a hunch that it was more that mineral supplement I took for a while...

Why? because all my hair grew back, and it is darker than it was five years ago.

What may be the secret? Tin.

I now use two multi-trace-mineral supplements, and I have also bought a tin-cup, to make sure that I have the essential mineral supplement, Tin, (Sn, stannum) in my system.

You cannot test if you are tin-deficient, but I can... I muscle test you. Email me if you need me to test you... Many people are tin deficient.

One other tin-deficiency symptom is hard of hearing...

OK, here is the original article: Yesterday I lead a webinar, and I showed myself on the webcam and noticed that the huge bald spot, the size of my hand, almost entirely disappeared, there is maybe a little thinning in the front.

What did I do?
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