Inflammation… what causes it?

Once you know the cause of something, you have a chance to heal it.

Inflammation runs in my family.

So does acid reflux.

I have been struggling with bpth for quite a while...
My eating style is 'separator' due to my weak stomach acid.

As a student I used to break out and the university doctor diagnosed my condition as self-toxicity... I broke out when I ate beef.

But as I got older, any protein became almost indigestible... so I took Papain enzyme for a while... but I experienced only little improvement in my acid reflux.

Then I decided to try hcl... hydrochlorid acid... and I think i hit paydirt.

Here is what I am experiencing:

no acid reflux
a whole lot less inflammation... which means I can walk faster and longer. No hot knees and calves pas the immediate exertion.

I am going to suggest my older brother who has serious pain in his hands to start taking hcl... once I get his results, I'll recommend it to everyone with weak stomach acid.

and added benefit: the microscopic mites don't survive the incrised acidity of the stomach... so I am hopeful that if I keep this up, I'll be mite free as well.