The Cleansing Event

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  1. General Information about energy, healing, cleansing, etc.
  2. Heaven on Earth to remove emotional blockages
  3. Energizer and other potent energies to prepare you for cleansing
  4. Brain Cleansing
  5. Liver Cleansing
  6. Pancreas energizing


1. Make sure that your elimination is regular, otherwise you'll get sick. The cleansing will remove tons of horrible toxins from your brain and unless it can be eliminate through your bowels, it will make you very very very sick. I recommend Dr. Schulze's Intestinal formula 1. If you have time, do a full intestinal/bowel cleansing beforehand.
2. Have clean, preferably energized water available. Be fully hydrated during the session or you'll get sick. I recommend my energized water, but I assume there are other waters that work... I haven't found many so far

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