Brain, Liver, Pancreas Cleanse

Energetic Brain, Liver, and Pancreas Cleanse

Energetic cleansing happens by using Source Energy.

You can connect to Source and do the cleansing alone, or you can use my connection, and do it with me on these calls.

The below videos are recordings of live sessions. You can do them as often as you can. Simply watching them won't do anything: you actually need to follow instructions.

Consider that regular cleansing of your main organs that tend to get clogged by misuse, or no use, lengthen your life span, prevents diseases, and makes you feel better.

Choose the video you prefer, and keep on using it at least once a week. Enjoy.

This is the exact process that has helped hundreds of people including myself, my brother, and clients and students.

Replay of the Cleansing/Healing session from May 16

I have promised you to cut out the part with just the healing... and I will do that after the evening session of the 20th... I'll pick the one with the stronger energy, and I'll post it on this website. You will have access to it.

Replay of the Cleansing/Healing session from May 20

Actually, I forgot to record that session, so I had to re-record it...
It is as good as the "public" session was...

You can learn to connect from my videos on you need to register to see anything

You can book a private session once you see that you are not sure how to connect from the videos, or can't trust yourself. email me at sophie at

I'll muscle test if I can teach you. If yes, I'll send you the paypal link. The session is 15 minutes long and cost $25.

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