Jumping into conclusion about what worked

One of the common characteristics of people, when they want something, when they desire, is to consider everything relevant, emphasize one thing and ignore another.

Something like this is happening with regards to the spider mites: the second night was horror, and I THOUGHT I had done the same thing... but obviously I had fallen into that trap I talk about above.

Now I need to test: don't you hate testing when all you want is results? But if I accidentally succeed, then I either mislead you, or I will make you do the whole 6-7 things I actually did... without knowing what works and what doesn't. And some of the stuff, who knows which, is causing me stomach ache and nausea... Maybe it is the stuff that worked, maybe it is the stuff that didn't produce the dramatic result.

I HATE IT! lol.

So, you and I will have to wait, until I get results that I get through doing ONE THING.

I will share the THINGS I did in the members area: even failures can teach you a thing or two.

2 thoughts on “Jumping into conclusion about what worked”

  1. Sophie, I took Diatomaceous Earth for a 3-4 days but it made me so sick, just saying the name DE makes me want to throw up. I stopped taking it. I started taking Oregano Oil. If I use topically it stops itching but burns if used straight. I use it for any bug bite. We have chiggers here were we live and chiggers itch so bad. I use oregano oil and it stop the itch so I decided to start taking it internally to experiment if it’ll kill the mites. Thank you for your updates.

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