How to use this site – Updated

NEW: make sure you know what kind of mite you are dealing with. Send me a comment and I'll work with you.

OK, bad news: You are part of a website community that has committed to test solutions I come up with. The solution may change, in fact they will change, sometimes dramatically.

Your job is to give me feedback, and not consider any solution final, until I publish the "report" which is not foreseeable in the near future... given that the science is still in flux.

Therefore: do not buy large quantities of anything... you may be are wasting your money. I will buy stuff... test, but you should not jump into conclusions.

Also, no cross usability between mite species solutions. They are as different as, let's say a lion and a cow... so please don't be stupid.

Also, don't make up your own solutions, you will end up not knowing why something works or doesn't work...

Unless a test is reproducible, it is not a true test. If you signed up by mistake and you didn't come here to help me test and find a solution, you can leave now. I will stop your payments, and will restart them when I will be certain I have a solution. Please email me.

Please, please, please. Until it can be codified, read everything, but don't get confused. If you need to email me, then do... Only for clarification.

Thank you.

PS: categories may be a good indication, so look at the category of the article. OK?

4 thoughts on “How to use this site – Updated”

  1. Hi, before sign I was sperimented all you’ve done and more (like mostard moisture, petroleum moisture..) trying to realize a bad environment make them go, nothing really function. I payied you because I thought in range of time from 2015 (you said to be closely to a solution) and now, you found it. I can’t find nothing of that. I see that the money was taken from my account, but you are still there? why you stopped the research? no solution, was a trick for have the money?

    1. yes and no.

      I got disappointed and tired.

      what type of mite are you looking to get a solution?

      I have managed to stop ear mites and itch mites. Have not managed to stop spider mites.

      Ear mites: the butter traps + alcoholic solution in the ear and shower with.
      Itch mites: change of diet. They disappeared although I found nothing working… irrigation with d-Mannose gave temporary release, but only changing the diet an eliminating Candida caused the disappearance of the itch mites.

  2. I’m not even sure it’a a mite, I know that is a parasite that comes out from anus
    and penetrate into the genital mucous membrane, causing very itchy. They are very fast, strong, adaptable, voracious. When I put on genitals substances that they did not liked, they punture me very much, it seems that been angry and communicate with each other on the body made them became angry too.
    are also on the rest of the body and pinch but do not stay concentrate, so no cause injuries such as in the genitals where are thousand or more. Is very strange. Anyway, I bought an microscope usb and an optical one, so i saw that my poop were full of formation like protozoan cysts. I’ve been study abot this type of parasite and I found that one of them provocate intra and extra gut infection. I’m still waiting for analyse results. I made a video with a skin bubble with a think of this inside seeing how they dissolve the skin. First I thought scabies but were non. Now, after studied all the human parasites, I think that if is not entamoeba histolytica, then is alien. I’ve noticed black fibers on my skin without a known provenience, I intend to observe them better and burn them for see if are normal. I even look for understand better Morgellons, I wonder if this parasite could be involved. I shall non pay you anymore, but, if you want, I’ll tell you what I’ll find

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