I continue to test…

  1. I find the current solutions still very clunky, and incompatible with life... duties, marriage, job.

    So I am looking for a solution to replace the neem oil, or at least be as good as neem oil.

    So I am going to test drinking Neem leaf tea. I know it's bitter... but I'll drink it like medicine.

    It has to be able to make the male mites infertile, like the Neem oil.

  2. I have bought fresh ginger: how lovely. I made a big pot of tea to kill the spider mite eggs that got into me while I was at the chiropractor. I also had eggs in me when I woke up... and eggs in my vagina, spider mite eggs.

    Spider mites are very militant, and very concerned: they wait at the "exit" point all day to greet their offspring, and if none coming, they are angry and bite. Their bites are as big as a bit from something 20 times their size... makes no sense. Deep, painful, bleeding. Angry.

    The challenge with spider mites is this: one fertile male can fertilize hundreds of females. I haven't found a way to kill the females: in fact I haven't found a way, other than manually crushing it, to kill any adult spider mite... muscle test says: nothing kills it.

    That is why marijuana growers prefer natural enemies, predator mites... and Neem.

    I am still not at peace unleashing predator mites in my home.

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    1. ladybugs don’t have an affinity to spider mite eggs and such… but of course, the kind we are dealing with, hides their mites in your intestines, so getting the predator mites won’t work anyway.

      And NOTHING kills the adult mites… 🙁

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