What is the main principle of our method of getting rid of the mites?

The main thrust of what we do here, the main thrust, the core principle is to cause the mites to die out by preventing the male mites to impregnate the females.

Why? why don't we go straight to killing the mites themselves?

Two reasons: we haven't found anything really that makes it possible for us to kill something we can't see... shooting in the dark is not a good sport.

Second: so far they respond to our attempts to kill them directly with becoming super sexually active...

The third is important too: I haven't found anything that kills spider mites. And of all the mites, spider mites are the most harmful, kill the most people, and make you sickest... just ask Theo, or me.

So, here I am writing these articles, and it occurs to me to muscle test how many mites there are on my chair. Answer: 20... Then I muscle test them by type, and surprise: all of them are spider mites, all of them are female.

And all of them are on the underside of the chair. Waiting for a male spider mite to come along and impregnate them.

There is a shortage of male spider mites... I picked some up yesterday at my chiropractor, had five batches of eggs deposited in me, but so far nothing today.Maybe it was one male, and it's resting. Maybe it died of exertion... lol. Who knows, it hasn't been active today.

For good measure, I also smeared Neem oil on the pole that holds the seat of my chair... Let's hope that we can emasculate a few more male spider mites... I am all for it.

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