Weekly reinfestation -corrected again

So, it's Tuesday 11 am.

I left home at 9 am, no mites of any kind.

I just got home,

  • three dead spider mites in my stomach with 10 spider mite eggs
  • 30 vaginal itch mites that have already laid 10 eggs
  • 8 ear mites that have laid seven eggs.

So, what do I do to get back to no mites, fast?

I knew this was going to happen, given that I spent time in a car full of mites and at my chiropractor with really hungry mites...

    1. Drank my strong ginger tea... I prepared it before I left... in three minutes all the eggs were dead. I was within the 2 hours, and luckily no spider mites thought of laying eggs in my vagina... there the eggs develop light speed faster... by now I would have nymphs... ugh.
    2. I'll take a bath (not shower) with boric acid in the water to decimate the itch mites. And then I'll do an irrigation to get rid of the eggs.... First the bath, then the irrigation. Important. Or better yet, in the middle of your bath, while in the water, do the irrigation. It can even be plain water...
    3. get the ear mites and their eggs out of my ears with alcoholic solution.
    4. reapply the Neem oil and start my day.
    5. Dust crucial areas of my body, ankles, butt, under the panties elastics, and under the bra area with Boric Acic, and gently mix the powder and the Neem on the body.
      It seems that the itch mites get all huffy puffy after a boric acid bath... not the dead ones, but the ones that come on the body from chairs, clothes, floor.

      Of all the mites, the itch mites are the most unpleasant, like wearing a garment made of goat or horse hair... horrid.

    You miss any of these steps and you are back to a full-blown infestation. Don't do it. Please.

11 thoughts on “Weekly reinfestation -corrected again”

  1. Hi Sophie, last couple days, I muscle test no for spider mites and itch mites on my and my kids’ body. Can you please verify for me? I had ginger tea everyday, and did neem oil.

    1. the muscle test says tenuously yes… normally this means: either this is not over, or you still have SOMETHING.
      do you have any itching in your anal or vaginal area? anywhere? because now itch mite is testing positive…

  2. I did visit the doctor office this afternoon for an eye issue. Slight itching in vagina, just had ginger tea, muscle test no. did I muscle test correctly.

    1. depends what you asked… muscle testing is quite literal.
      My muscle testing shows that you have itch mites… I’ll write more about them

  3. My neem oil arrived yesterday, and I’ve applied some of it to my body. It smells terrible 🙁

    Does it need to be applied all over the body? Is there any way to lessen the strength of the scent without making it less effective?

    1. did you order it at Bulk Apothecary? That is the best smelling neem oil.
      diluting the Neem oil will make it not effective.
      adding smelly stuff to it will make it even worse.
      Choose: Life or bad smell… Chosen?

      Did you understand what the Neem oil does? It renders the males shooting blanks, so it is a crucial element in the strategy. Suck it up sister.

  4. I just found out that my headset has 2 ear mites, have you any idea how to clean it – spraying with pure alcohol, maybe? (here we have 96% of etanol)

    1. In our strategy, we only deal with mites on our bodies, except for the itch mites where we use borax to wash them. No spraying, no dusting, because we are trying to develop a strategy most people can do and succeed.

      If you don’t want to be part of this group, I understand, I relieve you of your membership and you can go. But if you want to be part of the fight, then you are part of a research team, and doing your own thing will get you banned.

      Sorry to be so harsh: I don’t think you have ever been part of anything… so fiercely independent.

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