Here is a more organized version of what to do with itch mites (vaginal)

1. Buy D-Mannose and consume 1 teaspoon of it three times a day. In water, in capsules, in your tea. Just take it.

2. Drink two cups of Ginger tea, fresh. You can sweeten it, you can put lemon in it... Just make it strong enough, and fresh. A thumb size piece of ginger thinly sliced, steeped in hot water. Do not cook.

3. Soak your bedsheets, including pillows, in Borax. Same with your intimate clothing, underpants, bras, undershirts. Anything you wear on your skin. My experience is that it needs at least 8 hours in the borax water. Do this at least once a week, if you can, more often.

It may take many months before you completely gotten rid of, but after a month or two you'll be able to sleep, relative undisturbed.

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