Ear Mites – article in process

After a whole year of no ear mites, I am forced to deal with ear mites again.

My driver has ear mites.
I am afraid to tell her.

So every Tuesday I get re-infested.

My level of self-awareness has improved a lot in the past year, so I am seeing more.

1. The mites themselves actually don't live in your ears. They may socialize there, find a partner to have babies with, and they lay their eggs there.

2. A single mite who is intent to irritate your ear to produce ear wax can feel worse than having hundreds of ear mites in your ear...

3. Ear wax is the food the babies grow up on.

3. Ear wax and butter are very similar, as far as ear mites go... so our butter traps work very well

4. These butter mite traps were that last time helped me get rid of these ear mites.

It is time to put them to work.... again.

5. In the meantime: clean your ears with alcohol containing liquid: I use my Energy remedies that have some vodka in the water... or you can use Apple Cider Vinegar... it's an alcoholic fermentation of apples.

Drip it in the ear, agitate the liquid with a q-tip, much like you'd use a plunger. Don't hurt your ear drum. Do this often... until you have no more wax in your ears. You'll know because finally you'll feel the ear mites...

Rinse your hair and your body with cheap wine, or diluted Apple Cider Vinegar.

The mites get all lax with the alcohol.

Wash all your clothes. Treat all your animals.

Place the butter mite traps around, also in your laundry basket.

Find the design for the traps elsewhere on this site...

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