Microscopic Mites breeding inside you

I felt that something is living in my intestinal track, maybe even my gall bladder...

I muscle tested what it was, and it wasn't fluke, amoeba, or a worm... but yet, the muscle test said: something is living in my intestinal track, and diatomaceous earth muscle tested yes.

Then I muscle tested... more like guessed like in the guessing game: 20 questions... After all muscle testing is a yes/no "game." I found that "spider mite" and the nymph of a spider mite consistently came up a yes. Information on the internet doesn't agree with that, but hey, maybe the information is wrong, maybe I am wrong... we'll find out, won't we?

So for about 10 days I took diatomaceous earth in water twice a day, and that's probably what kept the spider mites in check... because once I stopped... because I didn't quite know what was inside me, the biting in the vaginal/anal area began in earnest.

So, I am starting to take diatomaceous earth again for inner management, boric acid for topical management, and hopefully something that kills the fully developed spider mites... so far nothing is killing them.

When I check along the intestines, it seems to me, that the mites actually climb into your mouth (akh! gross!) and you swallow the eggs. The eggs will hatch somewhere after it leaves the stomach. I have found uninvited guests in my gall bladder, in my liver, so some hatch really early on.

Most of them are in the colon and the anus, though, ready to come out and repeat the cycle.

Some symptoms I found: 1. it seems that I am losing blood through the nymph bites inside... 2. the amount of smell-less gas, not related to food, has increased 10-20-fold. It seems that the critters create their own air bubble to survive in, and it travels with them...


Muscle testing shows that this "thing" is attracted to Candida, or Candida infested hosts.

Candida lives on every human, but some humans, because of lifestyle errors and maybe because of a weak immune system, have Candida push out other bacteria and fungi and proliferate.

Candida has a toxic excretion which is nerve toxin.

It literally takes over your chemistry and demands to be fed. Sweetish stuff. When I observe myself, its favorites are milk products and bread.

According to Candida, I could live on bread, butter, and milk in my tea or coffee. Maybe some jam...

So, these mites coexist very well with Candida, if I am not mistaken, they enjoy the same ph... which is alkaline... Will have to double check that.

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