You want to test how to get rid of mites? This is not the place!

Yesterday a student who purchased this program sent me an email saying:

One question that I never asked you was what kind of mite infestation do I have on me and in my house when you muscle tested to see if I had a mite infestation. Can you please let me know?

After I found out that I did have mites, I was so grossed out that I went on the internet and started doing my own research also. From everything that I read it seems that Food Grade Diatomacous Earth, Coconut Oil and Tree Tee Oil were giving people good results. I mixed coconut oil and tree tee oil and rubbed it over this on my left wrist where the it's been itching a lot but the mites / itching didn't stop. I only got some brief relief. I rubbed DE all over my body and hair and then rubbed coconut oil before heading to bed. That seemed to stop the itching but then it was back again the next day. I also rubbed DE all over my dog too.

I hope that the solutions I will find on the mites site will help me with my mite infestation.

And then another one:

Thanks Sophie. That helps to know so the right solutions can be applied. I was reading about your BB solutions. I have ordered it and will test it out as well.

I immediately removed her from my site. Why? Because if you start out hoping, and testing, you'll do all kinds of mischief.

This site is about using the methods I have spent my last five months to test, retest, and found them working. You either give them the benefit of doubt, or you'll be testing... If you are testing, I don't want you to buy the solution in the membership site... Really. I don't want your money, I don't want your ears... go away.

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