Update on the mites project

The mites project is whipping my ass...

I thought I would report to you on how the mites project is going.

If tonight is an indication of how I am doing: I haven't gained any ground... I am itching, uninvited guests are swarming on me, and I feel absolutely powerless over it.

All hope is not lost yet... something I ordered is being sent, slowly, from Southern Florida... and I am just one hour south of the Canadian border... grrr.

Of course, I have hopes... And we shall see... I am not giving up, the alternative is killing myself. Imagining my life remaining like this makes it clear: I have to win at this.

also... Writing the report on fighting the mite epidemic has been murder...

As you may remember, I am dyslexic. So is my little brother.

In dyslexia the brain doesn't quite get built according to the blueprint: some brain cells go where they weren't planned to be, and some areas don't have enough brain cells.

One of the functions of the brain that I didn't get enough brain cells for is organization. I have a hard time putting things together in an orderly fashion, organizing my stuff at home, or in an office, even organizing a website, a lecture, a webinar.

It got even worse after may brain damage, but I can't really blame it on that: I am just not equipped to organize anything well.

Now, that I am attempting to write this report on fighting the mite epidemic, I am really discouraged.

It is all about organization. I feel screwed.

No amount of inspiration, no amount of divine guidance will help me through it... it is all presenting complete information in an organized fashion.

I am thinking of writing it as articles... and that may work, but the thought that it is "in order to" write complete information freaks me out.

I even hate reading well organized books: they are dry and boring. My style is meandering... lol.

And when I look that the result of months of research, about a thousand dollars in expenses is going to be a short, maybe seven page report... I cringe...

Anyway, I just want you to know that I am still testing, and writing, about half a page at a time, and there will be a report.

The latest piece of the puzzle turned out to not fit the puzzle.

Another piece is coming hopefully on Monday, and I hope I didn't make a mistake in that.

I think I'll set up a membership site and will give access to you when you pay for the report. The people that have pre-purchased access will get immediate access, even if the information is not complete.

Given that 35% of my readers have mites, you have a one in three chance that you do have them. If you have weight issues, like sweets, bread, juices, milk, cookies, your chances are about 100%.

I know there are a lot of sites that deal with the issue. I also know that after reading those sites, thoroughly, it still took me and my friend several weeks experimentation and a thousand dollars of products spent on stuff that didn't do anything permanent.

So, you have a choice: follow the experimentation route, or get the precise tested specific information, and the subsequent updates. It is totally up to you.

But if somebody had told me: give me $27 and spend $40 of products and you'll be done, I would have gone for that.

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