Why I don’t write about demodex – face – mites?

When I look at what people are searching about mites, I find that they are searching for dust mites and demodex mites.

Dust mites don't live on you, and don't bother you.
And demodex mites are searched for by young girls with pimples... not my typical clientele...

But, if you have issues with demodex mite, or pimples, and you are already a member, just ask away. Neem oil makes the males shoot blanks, so it works against demodex mites too.

How to use this site – Updated

NEW: make sure you know what kind of mite you are dealing with. Send me a comment and I'll work with you.

OK, bad news: You are part of a website community that has committed to test solutions I come up with. The solution may change, in fact they will change, sometimes dramatically.

Your job is to give me feedback, and not consider any solution final, until I publish the "report" which is not foreseeable in the near future... given that the science is still in flux.

Therefore: do not buy large quantities of anything... you may be are wasting your money. I will buy stuff... test, but you should not jump into conclusions.

Also, no cross usability between mite species solutions. They are as different as, let's say a lion and a cow... so please don't be stupid.

Also, don't make up your own solutions, you will end up not knowing why something works or doesn't work...

Unless a test is reproducible, it is not a true test. If you signed up by mistake and you didn't come here to help me test and find a solution, you can leave now. I will stop your payments, and will restart them when I will be certain I have a solution. Please email me.

Please, please, please. Until it can be codified, read everything, but don't get confused. If you need to email me, then do... Only for clarification.

Thank you.

PS: categories may be a good indication, so look at the category of the article. OK?