Ear Mites – article in process

After a whole year of no ear mites, I am forced to deal with ear mites again.

My driver has ear mites.
I am afraid to tell her.

So every Tuesday I get re-infested.

My level of self-awareness has improved a lot in the past year, so I am seeing more.

1. The mites themselves actually don't live in your ears. They may socialize there, find a partner to have babies with, and they lay their eggs there.

2. A single mite who is intent to irritate your ear to produce ear wax can feel worse than having hundreds of ear mites in your ear...

3. Ear wax is the food the babies grow up on.

3. Ear wax and butter are very similar, as far as ear mites go... so our butter traps work very well

4. These butter mite traps were that last time helped me get rid of these ear mites.

It is time to put them to work.... again.

5. In the meantime: clean your ears with alcohol containing liquid: I use my Energy remedies that have some vodka in the water... or you can use Apple Cider Vinegar... it's an alcoholic fermentation of apples.

Drip it in the ear, agitate the liquid with a q-tip, much like you'd use a plunger. Don't hurt your ear drum. Do this often... until you have no more wax in your ears. You'll know because finally you'll feel the ear mites...

Rinse your hair and your body with cheap wine, or diluted Apple Cider Vinegar.

The mites get all lax with the alcohol.

Wash all your clothes. Treat all your animals.

Place the butter mite traps around, also in your laundry basket.

Find the design for the traps elsewhere on this site...

Weekly reinfestation -corrected again

So, it's Tuesday 11 am.

I left home at 9 am, no mites of any kind.

I just got home,

  • three dead spider mites in my stomach with 10 spider mite eggs
  • 30 vaginal itch mites that have already laid 10 eggs
  • 8 ear mites that have laid seven eggs.

So, what do I do to get back to no mites, fast?

I knew this was going to happen, given that I spent time in a car full of mites and at my chiropractor with really hungry mites...

    1. Drank my strong ginger tea... I prepared it before I left... in three minutes all the eggs were dead. I was within the 2 hours, and luckily no spider mites thought of laying eggs in my vagina... there the eggs develop light speed faster... by now I would have nymphs... ugh.
    2. I'll take a bath (not shower) with boric acid in the water to decimate the itch mites. And then I'll do an irrigation to get rid of the eggs.... First the bath, then the irrigation. Important. Or better yet, in the middle of your bath, while in the water, do the irrigation. It can even be plain water...
    3. get the ear mites and their eggs out of my ears with alcoholic solution.
    4. reapply the Neem oil and start my day.
    5. Dust crucial areas of my body, ankles, butt, under the panties elastics, and under the bra area with Boric Acic, and gently mix the powder and the Neem on the body.
      It seems that the itch mites get all huffy puffy after a boric acid bath... not the dead ones, but the ones that come on the body from chairs, clothes, floor.

      Of all the mites, the itch mites are the most unpleasant, like wearing a garment made of goat or horse hair... horrid.

    You miss any of these steps and you are back to a full-blown infestation. Don't do it. Please.

What is the main principle of our method of getting rid of the mites?

The main thrust of what we do here, the main thrust, the core principle is to cause the mites to die out by preventing the male mites to impregnate the females.

Why? why don't we go straight to killing the mites themselves?

Two reasons: we haven't found anything really that makes it possible for us to kill something we can't see... shooting in the dark is not a good sport.

Second: so far they respond to our attempts to kill them directly with becoming super sexually active...

The third is important too: I haven't found anything that kills spider mites. And of all the mites, spider mites are the most harmful, kill the most people, and make you sickest... just ask Theo, or me.

So, here I am writing these articles, and it occurs to me to muscle test how many mites there are on my chair. Answer: 20... Then I muscle test them by type, and surprise: all of them are spider mites, all of them are female.

And all of them are on the underside of the chair. Waiting for a male spider mite to come along and impregnate them.

There is a shortage of male spider mites... I picked some up yesterday at my chiropractor, had five batches of eggs deposited in me, but so far nothing today.Maybe it was one male, and it's resting. Maybe it died of exertion... lol. Who knows, it hasn't been active today.

For good measure, I also smeared Neem oil on the pole that holds the seat of my chair... Let's hope that we can emasculate a few more male spider mites... I am all for it.

How to use this site – Updated

NEW: make sure you know what kind of mite you are dealing with. Send me a comment and I'll work with you.

OK, bad news: You are part of a website community that has committed to test solutions I come up with. The solution may change, in fact they will change, sometimes dramatically.

Your job is to give me feedback, and not consider any solution final, until I publish the "report" which is not foreseeable in the near future... given that the science is still in flux.

Therefore: do not buy large quantities of anything... you may be are wasting your money. I will buy stuff... test, but you should not jump into conclusions.

Also, no cross usability between mite species solutions. They are as different as, let's say a lion and a cow... so please don't be stupid.

Also, don't make up your own solutions, you will end up not knowing why something works or doesn't work...

Unless a test is reproducible, it is not a true test. If you signed up by mistake and you didn't come here to help me test and find a solution, you can leave now. I will stop your payments, and will restart them when I will be certain I have a solution. Please email me.

Please, please, please. Until it can be codified, read everything, but don't get confused. If you need to email me, then do... Only for clarification.

Thank you.

PS: categories may be a good indication, so look at the category of the article. OK?

Mites: Humans have it easier than insects or pets

As I am writing these article, looking for pictures, I find that entire species can be wiped out by mite infestations. This may be the future of humanity too.

Examples: honey bees are decimated by varroa mites. They suck their blood, they make them sick...

I am going to read about biologists' methods and notes, maybe I can learn some questions that I could not have thought: I'd like the fight to be easier, and less messy, if it's possible.

Not like it sounds very likely: the shortest treatment for bees against those mites is three weeks... I tend to see the point: you need to expose the mites long enough.

You want to test how to get rid of mites? This is not the place!

Yesterday a student who purchased this program sent me an email saying:

One question that I never asked you was what kind of mite infestation do I have on me and in my house when you muscle tested to see if I had a mite infestation. Can you please let me know?

After I found out that I did have mites, I was so grossed out that I went on the internet and started doing my own research also. From everything that I read it seems that Food Grade Diatomacous Earth, Coconut Oil and Tree Tee Oil were giving people good results. I mixed coconut oil and tree tee oil and rubbed it over this on my left wrist where the it's been itching a lot but the mites / itching didn't stop. I only got some brief relief. I rubbed DE all over my body and hair and then rubbed coconut oil before heading to bed. That seemed to stop the itching but then it was back again the next day. I also rubbed DE all over my dog too.
Continue reading "You want to test how to get rid of mites? This is not the place!"

Jumping into conclusion about what worked

One of the common characteristics of people, when they want something, when they desire, is to consider everything relevant, emphasize one thing and ignore another.

Something like this is happening with regards to the spider mites: the second night was horror, and I THOUGHT I had done the same thing... but obviously I had fallen into that trap I talk about above.

Now I need to test: don't you hate testing when all you want is results? But if I accidentally succeed, then I either mislead you, or I will make you do the whole 6-7 things I actually did... without knowing what works and what doesn't. And some of the stuff, who knows which, is causing me stomach ache and nausea... Maybe it is the stuff that worked, maybe it is the stuff that didn't produce the dramatic result.

I HATE IT! lol.

So, you and I will have to wait, until I get results that I get through doing ONE THING.

I will share the THINGS I did in the members area: even failures can teach you a thing or two.

Chigoe Flea

I know a guy who used to get these bites that wouldn't heal. A bite with a tiny black speck giving away the fact that something was living inside... He got these on his neck, on his chin, and they would itch tremendously. Where else he had them, he didn't say.

He asked me to treat them with MMS, that claims to eradicate all pests... bah humbug. The MMS burned a hole in his face, his neck.

He used to take long baths in his friend's seawater pool, and that would help with the itching, but didn't do much for the whole issue: bites and new bites with little black speck in the middle.

He hasn't complained for some time now, so I thought to ask him what happened.

Lo and behold, he called me today. His bites are gone. He has access to laser, the type is used for injuries and such. He lasered them, and it seems that the laser has effectively killed them.

So what was biting him?

From the symptoms I guess it was chigoa mite or maybe the kind of flea that burrows into the skin, leaving her anus outside so she can defecate and lay eggs through it. Muscle test say it was this latter. It's a tropical flea,[1] in underdeveloped tropical countries.

If he managed to catch them with the laser before they produced eggs, he could get rid of the infestation.

Aren't you glad that chigoe flea is not what you have? Compared to that having mites seems easy... but it not that easy, as you can see from the rest of this blog.

It's taken me painstakingly test one method after the other, and I haven't gotten to the end of it yet.


  1. Tungiasis is an infestation of the skin by a burrowing flea called Tunga penetrans (also known as Sarcopsylla penetrans or Pulex penetrans, or more commonly as the chigoe flea, bicho de pie (bug of the foot), jigger, nigua, pico, pigue, and sand flea. Chigoe flea is sometimes confused with chigger or harvest mite.

Microscopic Mites breeding inside you

I felt that something is living in my intestinal track, maybe even my gall bladder...

I muscle tested what it was, and it wasn't fluke, amoeba, or a worm... but yet, the muscle test said: something is living in my intestinal track, and diatomaceous earth muscle tested yes.

Then I muscle tested... more like guessed like in the guessing game: 20 questions... After all muscle testing is a yes/no "game." I found that "spider mite" and the nymph of a spider mite consistently came up a yes. Information on the internet doesn't agree with that, but hey, maybe the information is wrong, maybe I am wrong... we'll find out, won't we?

So for about 10 days I took diatomaceous earth in water twice a day, and that's probably what kept the spider mites in check... because once I stopped... because I didn't quite know what was inside me, the biting in the vaginal/anal area began in earnest.

So, I am starting to take diatomaceous earth again for inner management, boric acid for topical management, and hopefully something that kills the fully developed spider mites... so far nothing is killing them.

When I check along the intestines, it seems to me, that the mites actually climb into your mouth (akh! gross!) and you swallow the eggs. The eggs will hatch somewhere after it leaves the stomach. I have found uninvited guests in my gall bladder, in my liver, so some hatch really early on.

Most of them are in the colon and the anus, though, ready to come out and repeat the cycle.

Some symptoms I found: 1. it seems that I am losing blood through the nymph bites inside... 2. the amount of smell-less gas, not related to food, has increased 10-20-fold. It seems that the critters create their own air bubble to survive in, and it travels with them...


Muscle testing shows that this "thing" is attracted to Candida, or Candida infested hosts.

Candida lives on every human, but some humans, because of lifestyle errors and maybe because of a weak immune system, have Candida push out other bacteria and fungi and proliferate.

Candida has a toxic excretion which is nerve toxin.

It literally takes over your chemistry and demands to be fed. Sweetish stuff. When I observe myself, its favorites are milk products and bread.

According to Candida, I could live on bread, butter, and milk in my tea or coffee. Maybe some jam...

So, these mites coexist very well with Candida, if I am not mistaken, they enjoy the same ph... which is alkaline... Will have to double check that.