Here is a more organized version of what to do with itch mites (vaginal)

1. Buy D-Mannose and consume 1 teaspoon of it three times a day. In water, in capsules, in your tea. Just take it.

2. Drink two cups of Ginger tea, fresh. You can sweeten it, you can put lemon in it... Just make it strong enough, and fresh. A thumb size piece of ginger thinly sliced, steeped in hot water. Do not cook.

3. Soak your bedsheets, including pillows, in Borax. Same with your intimate clothing, underpants, bras, undershirts. Anything you wear on your skin. My experience is that it needs at least 8 hours in the borax water. Do this at least once a week, if you can, more often.

It may take many months before you completely gotten rid of, but after a month or two you'll be able to sleep, relative undisturbed.

Itch mites – some progress

In the past five weeks I tested six different methods of getting rid of the itch mites.

Some success, but not perfect yet.

Here are my findings:

  1. Itch mites' exosceleton, the rough outside that allows them to create the wounds on you is sensitive to a certain sugar: D-Mannose. It even kills many of the mites, but not all. It depends on the kind of contact with the dissolved sugar.

    I have found that if you dissolve the D-Mannose in water, and spray it or dub it on the skin, contact with an itch mite kills the mite. Fast. A few seconds.

    I have been also testing the D-Mannose internally: using it dissolved in water, tea, juice. The quantity that is definitely effective is about 2-3 tablespoons a day. It doesn't kill the mites, but it removes their hard shell. They will die without the protection.

  2. Diligence in washing the floors and clothes in Borax is very important: itch mites can survive off the body indefinitely. It's best to change your sheet daily, and soak it in Borax water, dry it, and use it again. Same with towels. How much Borax? I use muscle test... it's always a little more than I felt. Regular detergent doesn't kill the mites.

    I am using for D-Mannose, and use the 20 mules brand of Borax that you can find in your grocery store.

Vaginal Itch mites developments

It seems that the males are successfully avoiding you, and they make out, copulate, make babies on the floor. So we need something to wash the floors with, spray them, something that would make the males infertile, like neem.

Turns out that dandelion roots are such... I haven't tested them, but most everyone in temperate climates, has dandelion in their yard, so it may be an easily attainable solution. It's not the only plant, I will keep on looking, for example for Indians, or other continents.

Another new thing: Stevia in the irrigation or bath water also kills itch mites... I haven't found the concentration yet.

I am looking for new ways...

Now, what if you have itch mites and you hate Neem? Can you just use the floor washing? I hope so. I love Neem, I even love its smell, but I am weird. I'll keep you posted.

Weekly reinfestation -corrected again

So, it's Tuesday 11 am.

I left home at 9 am, no mites of any kind.

I just got home,

  • three dead spider mites in my stomach with 10 spider mite eggs
  • 30 vaginal itch mites that have already laid 10 eggs
  • 8 ear mites that have laid seven eggs.

So, what do I do to get back to no mites, fast?

I knew this was going to happen, given that I spent time in a car full of mites and at my chiropractor with really hungry mites...

    1. Drank my strong ginger tea... I prepared it before I left... in three minutes all the eggs were dead. I was within the 2 hours, and luckily no spider mites thought of laying eggs in my vagina... there the eggs develop light speed faster... by now I would have nymphs... ugh.
    2. I'll take a bath (not shower) with boric acid in the water to decimate the itch mites. And then I'll do an irrigation to get rid of the eggs.... First the bath, then the irrigation. Important. Or better yet, in the middle of your bath, while in the water, do the irrigation. It can even be plain water...
    3. get the ear mites and their eggs out of my ears with alcoholic solution.
    4. reapply the Neem oil and start my day.
    5. Dust crucial areas of my body, ankles, butt, under the panties elastics, and under the bra area with Boric Acic, and gently mix the powder and the Neem on the body.
      It seems that the itch mites get all huffy puffy after a boric acid bath... not the dead ones, but the ones that come on the body from chairs, clothes, floor.

      Of all the mites, the itch mites are the most unpleasant, like wearing a garment made of goat or horse hair... horrid.

    You miss any of these steps and you are back to a full-blown infestation. Don't do it. Please.

What is the main principle of our method of getting rid of the mites?

The main thrust of what we do here, the main thrust, the core principle is to cause the mites to die out by preventing the male mites to impregnate the females.

Why? why don't we go straight to killing the mites themselves?

Two reasons: we haven't found anything really that makes it possible for us to kill something we can't see... shooting in the dark is not a good sport.

Second: so far they respond to our attempts to kill them directly with becoming super sexually active...

The third is important too: I haven't found anything that kills spider mites. And of all the mites, spider mites are the most harmful, kill the most people, and make you sickest... just ask Theo, or me.

So, here I am writing these articles, and it occurs to me to muscle test how many mites there are on my chair. Answer: 20... Then I muscle test them by type, and surprise: all of them are spider mites, all of them are female.

And all of them are on the underside of the chair. Waiting for a male spider mite to come along and impregnate them.

There is a shortage of male spider mites... I picked some up yesterday at my chiropractor, had five batches of eggs deposited in me, but so far nothing today.Maybe it was one male, and it's resting. Maybe it died of exertion... lol. Who knows, it hasn't been active today.

For good measure, I also smeared Neem oil on the pole that holds the seat of my chair... Let's hope that we can emasculate a few more male spider mites... I am all for it.

How to use this site – Updated

NEW: make sure you know what kind of mite you are dealing with. Send me a comment and I'll work with you.

OK, bad news: You are part of a website community that has committed to test solutions I come up with. The solution may change, in fact they will change, sometimes dramatically.

Your job is to give me feedback, and not consider any solution final, until I publish the "report" which is not foreseeable in the near future... given that the science is still in flux.

Therefore: do not buy large quantities of anything... you may be are wasting your money. I will buy stuff... test, but you should not jump into conclusions.

Also, no cross usability between mite species solutions. They are as different as, let's say a lion and a cow... so please don't be stupid.

Also, don't make up your own solutions, you will end up not knowing why something works or doesn't work...

Unless a test is reproducible, it is not a true test. If you signed up by mistake and you didn't come here to help me test and find a solution, you can leave now. I will stop your payments, and will restart them when I will be certain I have a solution. Please email me.

Please, please, please. Until it can be codified, read everything, but don't get confused. If you need to email me, then do... Only for clarification.

Thank you.

PS: categories may be a good indication, so look at the category of the article. OK?