Ginger Tea

Spider Mites: works like a charm, I have even been able to kill nymphs in my intestines with a large enough dose of ginger tea. I use about a thumb size per 8 oz cup, make 4 cups at a time. Sweeten it with very little Stevia... I don't need sugar or honey or anything that will make me crave more sugar.

I have also bought powdered organic ginger, just in case there is an emergency, or I don't have time to grind the fresh ginger for the tea. Works just as well, but the fresh tastes better.

4 thoughts on “Ginger Tea”

  1. Does ginger have to be made into a tea? I often grate fresh ginger into a smoothy, so it’s raw – no hot water. Also does ginger have to be taken every 2.5 hrs even through the night? Easier for insomniacs!

    1. Smoothies a sweet… also, you need quantity… a hint of
      ginger isn’t going to do it.

      Spider mites mostly choose to insert their eggs when you are
      not moving for a few hours…

      Last night I had eight (8) spider mites on me from 3 am till 4 am… all intent at depositing their payload.

      I asked my consciousness to wake me when such thing happens… and it did.

      It could have woken me at 6 am, and I would have been fine… drinking a liter of strong ginger tea…

      You sound like a squeamish sissy… are you?

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