Neem Oil

In the beginning it was the holy grail... but it turns out

1. ear mites die out
2. male spider mites stop coming to your body, so it's ineffective: they have sex somewhere else
3. itch mites love it, and use it to explode their population

Now, I would call this a successful test, but a huge failure.

EAR MITES: So, if you have ear mites, use them until the ear mites die out, on yourself and on your pet.

SPIDER MITES: If you have spider mites and you are not very diligent with your ginger tea: continue using it, but make sure you drink enough ginger tea, every 2.5 hours, including at night

ITCH MITES: stop using Neem. I don't have a solution yet, but Diatomaceous Earth looks good at the moment... spread out on the floor, carpets, furniture, very thinly. Stay tuned as I am tesing.

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