Confidentiality Agreement

Before you can continue using the site, you need to agree not to duplicate, share the information. And also, please acknowledge, that this is a non-cancelable payment agreement, you are making partial payments on the information. This is not a subscription that you can just cancel. Thank you.

I paid for it with blood sweat and tears, and it would really hurt me if you came in here and gave the information to everyone... sorry, please don't do that.

Please make a comment to that effect before you continue to the rest of the site.

I will manually move you to the content level, once I see your comment promising to keep the confidentiality agreement

I am in front of my computer between 9 am and 9 pm NY time... reliably. Otherwise I may sleep or read, or take a bath... so give me time. Please.

62 thoughts on “Confidentiality Agreement”

  1. I Eric Staffen do solemnly swear to keep all information and trials confidential and private!
    Thank you Maven for heading this up….this is the first good sign Ive seen in the last 2 years! Just now seeming to make a dent in this myself.

  2. Apologies maven but the site is in a bit of a mess, its hard to sort out what is actually working for you, even though you mention you are rid of 2/3 pests.

    You also mention muscle testing a lot but I can’t seem to find out how i can do the same

    Maybe I am just all over the place, but if you could direct me to the right place…that would be most appreciated

  3. I, Annie Berg, promise to abide by the confidentiality agreement as discussed. Thank you so much! I can’t wait for some guidance… I’m losing my mind.

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