New insights on vaginal itch mites

Not happy insights, but you need to know.

Itch mites like the smooth mucus membranes: they eat the juices from that. When they don't have enough of that: they make some... they roll around and pierce your skin with the pins on their back, I think (I am in the process of buying a microscope... I'll know more next week, I hope) which leaves your skin with tiny pinpricks: in essence a rash the size of the nail on your pinkie to the size of a dime. Anywhere, but they prefer IN the vagina, on the outside of the vagina, outside of the anus, in the crack of your butt.

These rashes/wounds ooze, itch like hell, and look and feel like herpes outbreaks. I dare to bet that at least half of the people that think they have herpes don't... they have itch mites.

So, what do you do with them? Muscle test to the rescue: mt suggests petroleum jelly, frequently washed with water with Boric Acid in it, to purge the blood sucking itch mites from the wound. I know it's gross, but as I said, you need to know.

In a day, if you do this, the itch will get easier, and the wound will have a chance to heal.

One more thing: if you vagina is healthy, then you can use full size capsules of Boric Acid 24/7, and will be itch mite free in about 10-14 days... the 24/7 prevents new mites to be born.

Of course you need to prevent re-infestation from your clothes, your sheets, your pillows, your floor, your sex partner. But even without that, if you are rigorous about the 24/7, you'll be well. Double, triple the time, if you miss even one time.

I have about 15 smaller "wounds" on my body, even on my scalp. I always thought those to be warts... not so.

Older of these heal well once the mites are gone.

Isn't this horrible?

Bottom line: you can get rid of the itch mites without Neem oil, but you need to be very strict and consistent about the Boric Acid... you miss it, and you start all over again. I have warned you!

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