Update on the vaginal itch mites

I stand corrected. Vigilance, frequent irrigation, lots of Neem oil didn't do the trick.

So, sadly, I have to recommend boric acid capsules in your vagina.

Now, I must warn you: if your vagina is not healthy already, it will hurt. It will sting.

So, how shall we do this?

I recommend this: buy big AAA gel capsules. Start with just a little bit in the capsule. Do it with your hands... Put it up in your vagina, don't sweat how deep it goes, yet. Put a new one when you can feel that the previous one dissolved.

In the beginning of this treatment there will be vaginal discharge, especially if you have any yeast in your vagina. Don't worry, just start slow.

When the discharge gets almost nothing or nothing... may take weeks, then you can increase the quantity of Boric Acid you put in the capsules.

The process is still the same... put a new one when you feel that the previous capsule is gone.

You've had these bugs for years, don't try to beat them in a day or a week. You'll just hurt yourself and they'll laugh.

Wash your clothes with borax added... buy borax for washing clothes, it has directions, quantities, etc.

Borax is not toxic for humans, but even if you ate it, it doesn't get to your vagina, so don't try.

Continue the Neem, it works, but it doesn't completely solve the problem.

No irrigation necessary if you are using the Boric Acid capsules.

PS: If and when we have enough people doing this, I'll make sure we have all sizes of capsules already filled, for ease of use... don't forget: you are pioneers... and this is the Wild West... lol.

PS: capsules and capsule filling "machine" are also here

2 thoughts on “Update on the vaginal itch mites”

    1. Ronda, we have done away with suppositories. No one, by the way, makes suppositories with Boric Acid… other than some compound pharmacies, for about two bucks a suppository

      What is the problem? You don’t want to buy capsules? You don’t know how to do it? Do you want to pay me to sell filled Boric Acid capsules for you? Paying MY hourly rate?

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