Vaginal Mites info

Vaginal Mites:

they are really small. Live and breed mostly in the vagina or around it.

They have a "defense" system: the mites are covered with knife sharp quills, that they can flex and roll around. The little pinpricks cause a whole sore...

Yesterday I had them outside. Everywhere where clothes touched or lied on my side has now sores, also in the vaginal area.

They don't readily move onto furniture or clothes, but after you irrigate and dip in the water with a lot of boric acid or borax, make sure you also dip or wash your bed sheets and clothes that touch the skin in borax, asap.

I haven't found anything other than borax and boric acid to kill them.

I am also thinking of the people that have more than one type of mite, to combine the killing ingredients... in a cream or lotion.

My lieutenant writes:

Hi Sophie,

After reading the last two articles it was like: Oh NOOOO - then, my MT says I have them - 500 so far - did the MT while connected with 852 tone (please double-check it - I'm bashful too and can't post it publicly) - since yesterday I have bites there, also

I'm dealing with many symptoms you described, for years - they officially call it vaginal dryness, assigned to menopause and aging - meaning it's normal - f... to cope with it I apply some ointments, creams...

In the last few days I'm applying neem oil directly but have no such good results as you describe

I suppose the enema you mention is vaginal, like irrigation?

ok, vaginal mites... boric acid kills them. they are very very very nasty.
irrigation while in the tub. the water has to have borax or boric acid, enough to kill them immerse yourself totally.

you do have them. sorry. I think a lot of women do.

I will repeat the irrigation and the dip, and the whole nine yards in the next day. Muscle test that there is an odd egg still in me.

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