Vaginal Mites regimen

OK, Vaginal Mites... my name.

As I said: they are tiny, and they have these blades on their backs. They don't bite, but when they are angry, they roll over on your body, inflicting hundreds of tiny puncture wounds on your body, that combine into a sore. nasty.

Alcohol, neem don't work on them.

Boric Acid and Diatomaceous Earth kills them, on or off your body.

Eggs don't die in the laundry, beware. I just got back my laundry: full of mites. I checked clothes from my last laundry: full of mites. That is how you get reinfected.

Borax in the laundry will kill the eggs.

Strategy to thin them, and then eliminate them, if possible...

  1. frequent baths with boric acid in water. Boric acid irrigation. If need be, take several deep baths a day
  2. Very thin dusting with Diatomaceous Eearth.
  3. Borax in laundry.

NO scratching, don't do it.

It will get worse before it gets better.

When hide in the ears (they do) dust them with Boric Acid. If you have a "puffer", it's the best.

I have tried putting a capsule in my vagina: didn't go deep enough. Vaginal enema, douche or irrigation gets to them. Do it while it the tub, otherwise they stay alive on your body as the water comes out.

Hate it? So what. Do it!

3 thoughts on “Vaginal Mites regimen”

  1. Hate them more than doing it!

    When you say ‘dust’ and ‘dusting’ you mean sprinkle with the powder of DE/Boric Acid, don’t you?

    maybe we could make vag. suppositories with DE or Boric Acid? They will stay longer inside, maybe?

    1. sprinkling is a very bad practice. It needs to be so thin that it’s barely visible, and continuous, about an ounce for a whole apartment.

      here is what I have

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