What you think is bacterial vaginosis, yeast infection, or trichomonas…

What you think is bacterial vaginosis, yeast infection, or trichomonas... may be "only" a spider mite infestation, or a combination of all the above.

One symptom, the intense itching, is what makes these vastly different conditions feel like the same. I've been there, I've done it.

So, how can you tell if you have an infection or an infestation?

Simple: the infections itch around the clock. The infestation comes with periods of intense itching plus bites on your body, feet, face, neck... two kinds of bites: 1. bloodless, it seems that you have a hardening of the skin that nothing removes 2. actual bites that a hard time healing.

One is from the nymph of the spider mite, the second is the adult spider mite's bite.

The intense itching comes, it seems, mostly at night, but the truth is that it comes even during the day, but you are too busy to react, too public to scratch... but life is hell, either way.

If you are a male: you'll have intense itching... the type that drives you out of your mind. Your spider mites breed in your intestines, but bite everywhere... including on your penis... the pearly papules are these mite bites on your penis.

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