What’s new… Vaginal Mites, that’s new

I have so far successfully eliminated ear mites and the spider mites.

Under those "bigger" mites I found a billion, oh, ok, a few thousand even tinier mites, about quarter of the size of ear mites, that I will call vaginal mites.

They live in the vagina. They can be transmitted with sex, with touch, and toilet seats.

They itch differently: much like straw mites. Hard to explain the difference between itches... it is not as persistent as the spider mites, fainter, probably because of their size, and may stay under your conscious awareness.

Symptom: now, this one you can't miss: painful sex, even your finger is painful when you want to insert. Painful inside, painful, but less painful outside. Always a little swollen. You know where, the name should give it away.

It is not useful to be bashful here... although, by nature, I am bashful.

Anyway, because of the numbers, thousands, it can wreak real havoc.

The treatment for the spider mites that accidentally got rid of the ear mites as well, made these vaginal mites come out of their "hole" and they chose the day when I was in public and it was all I could not to scream, peel off my clothes, and run... lol.

No one would benefit, if I now scrambled, so back to scientist mode, and start experimenting. Sigh...

The first thing I'll do is benzyl benzoate enema... I'll use propylene glycol as an emollient... We'll see what happens.

It may make them lay more eggs, like with the spider mites, but I need to take that risk. The neem, muscle test says, will make them sterile... eventually.

OK, on my way to do the enema... Will report later.

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