Benzyl benzoate updated

Yesterday (Tuesday) the package arrived. I read dosing, and of course I screwed it up.

The substance is very very very corrosive... I burned myself pretty badly. Thank god for Aloe Vera gel.

It didn't seem to be doing anything, ineffective for the spider mites, and when I got out of the bath, all burning, there were no dust/ear mites on me...

But as soon as I got to the bed, they swarmed. Weird.

But... I got something from the experience: they can smell it and they scram.

Muscle test says 4% solution kills them... now that would be really good.

I'll be testing this today. It would be useful not just in the ears, but on the head and as a body-wash, body spray, lotion...

Testing testing testing.

What will happen if I run out of mites? Lol.

Update: we won't use Benzyl Benzoate. It makes all mites act as if it is the end of the world unless they copulate 24/7. Bad bad bad idea!

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