Best strategy

the best strategy is to make the on-the-body methods so effective, that you don't have to worry about the rest... just keep on doing what you do on the body or "in the body" and you'll get rid of them in no time.

If you concentrate on the floor, on the clothes, etc. you'll lose. The most effective strategy is to attack them at their home.

Spider mites and ear mites: neem makes them sterile. They react, to some degree, to boric acid.
vaginal mites: bath and irrigation... unbeatable combination. Neem also makes them less able to reproduce.

So the most important step: use the neem oil as a top to bottom body lotion. Be generous with it, and reapply at least once a day... definitely after washing yourself, shower, or bath.

If and when the reproduction stops, you'll be mite-free.

With regards to other people, clothing, etc... we'll talk about this. Every client of mine has mites. Chiropractor, driver... yeah and yeah.

Which means: I will take home some... So I'll stock up on Neem. And use it as a matter of fact... no drama. No resentment. No energy expanded on the issue.

This is life. What you do in life is more important that being safe.

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