Double victory updated

Since this post, I have outlawed Benzyl Benzoate... so use it at your risk.

I woke up to a pleasant surprise.

The BB1 that killed the spider mite infestation also eliminated the dust/ear mites... wow. Talk about killing two birds with one stone.

So, what should you do if you only have this second more frequent mite?

1. Get BB and dissolve it in your bathing oil, about 7%, and take a bath in it, top to toe... i.e. make sure you dip immerse your head as well

2. put BB in your shampoo, and in your body wash and use it for a while
3. put BB in your body lotion and use it for a while

BB doesn't dissolve well in anything, so make sure you shake the bottle before you use it.

I am going to try a few emulsifiers, and let you know if there is a good emulsifier to add for ease of use and better, more even distribution of BB in your cosmetics.

If you have a lot of mites: I'll post the blueprint for the mite trap when I get to it. It will effect the mites that are not on you, and reduce the mite population effectively, we have tested it.

If you have a pet: put the lotion or cream on the nape of their neck where they can't easily lick it off. The product, just like many flea products, impregnates the skin and make the mites die.

Update: the environment will still have mites, even after you killed all the ones on your body. In the four hours since I posted this article, I caught a spider mite, and two ear mites... although the ear mites were already dying, the spider mite was vigorous and laid three eggs you know where...

In another article I'll talk to you about the enema I have been using somewhat effectively... though today, for whatever reason, my usual method did not kill the spider mite... but I flushed it.

On one hand I am glad that there are still more experiments can be done, but on the other hand my nerves are shot, frayed... I am jumpy, and exhausted, oversensitive.

You should have seen me when my pants, different pants, touched my desk and it felt something touched me... I jumped and yelled out. Funny looking from the outside, horrifying knowing that it's MY BODY that did that... lol.

  1. Benzyl Benzoate lotion []

4 thoughts on “Double victory updated”

      1. It was my pleasure too, to participate – although the experiences were not, and still aren’t pleasurable… Sometimes it seems there’s no end to it…

        1. I know what you are saying… seemed like it would never end. But now that it’s almost over, I am starting to see how much of my seemingly unrelated issues, were related… like mild depression, like “why bother” about my house, etc.

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